Customer Appreciation Photos (Round 2)

framed magnolia wall art by artist Jessica Doyle

I get a warm fuzzy feeling when customer’s send me photographs of art that they purchased from me, matted and framed and hung on their walls.

framed magnolia wall art by artist Jessica Doyle

Above is Spring Magnolia’s in both 5×5 inch and 8×8 inch sizes, matted and framed emailed to me from Mary Jane. She also purchased the ABC Children’s Art and framed it for her child’s room. It’s available in the shop to.

framed ABC art by artist Jessica Doyle hanging in childrens room

Below is a set of Four Seasons art in 5×5 inch size that Cathy tagged me with on Facebook. They look great framed!

framed four seasons (tree of life) art by artist Jessica Doyle

Thank you Mary Jane and Cathy for sending me pictures of the art you purchased hung on the walls of your home.

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4 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation Photos (Round 2)

  1. It is pretty neat to think that something I created in my studio is hanging in wonderful homes around the world. I’ve shipped art out to five continents now :)

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