There’s what you are on one hand (Limited Editon Print – no.1 – The Waitress Series)

This is the beginning of an ongoing collaborative project between myself, Jessica Doyle and writer, Christopher DeWan. I will be releasing a new limited edition print every few weeks until “The Waitress” is fully illustrated. There will be between 18 and 24 illustrations when the project is completed. Do collect them all!

This is the first illustration in The Waitress series.

  • Paper Size – 12 by 12 inches
  • Professionally printed with archival Epson inks on Epson fine art paper
  • Print is dated, numbered, signed and titled
  • Will arrive with a certificate of authenticity
  • Edition of 100 only

The Waitress by Christopher DeWan

There’s what you are, on the one hand; and on the other, there’s what you think you can be.

No, let me put that another way: there is what you are, essentially, in your heart—the sum of all your capabilities; and on the other hand, there’s the smaller set of what you’ve realized to date. There is You the Greater and You the Lesser. You whole, and you fractured.

Some people believe that you, the “real” you, is the lesser one—the tally of what you’ve achieved. “What do you do?,” we ask each other at parties. “I’m a salesman,” we answer, deftly swapping a verb of action with a verb of being.

Other people believe that you, the “real” you, is that farther-away idea: “I’m a waitress and an actress, but I also want to direct.”

You smirk when she tells you this. “She’s a dreamer,” you think. “She’s a cliché.” (And these things, too, might be a part of who she “really” is.) But clichés are lazy shortcuts, a rubber-stamp version of the truth: the outline is correct and familiar, but the details are missing. The details are the essence. The details are the differentiators. In the mind of this waitress, what she wants to do is more significant than what she is doing. To know her is to know that she wants to direct. To know her is to know that she is a bundle of potentialities, and to know which potentialities.

[When robots can bring us coffee at restaurants, then we’ll all be free to act and direct.]

[When we fall in love, is it not with a person’s wants and with their potentialities?]

It is our dream that distinguishes us—the dream, and the degree to which we are willing to chase it: the degree to which we believe we are not the man sitting in the desk chair at the office, day after day after day. No. Rather, we are the brilliant burst of light, looming just on the other side of the horizon. We eagerly, lovingly chase ourselves, to find ourselves.

Christopher resides in Los Angeles, CA, United States. He can be found writing short stories on the TheUrbanSherpa. The Waitress was first published here on Christopher’s blog and has been reproduced within this blog post with permission.

This gorgeous print can be purchased in my Art Shop on Etsy and on my personal digital download e-commerce site, . Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “There’s what you are on one hand (Limited Editon Print – no.1 – The Waitress Series)”

  1. Your words, “Rather, we are the brilliant burst of light, looming just on the other side of the horizon” are a great reminder of our individuality and the potential that exists … right NOW.

    Thanks — Marge from Colorado

  2. Thank you Marge!

    Those were Christopher’s brilliant words… I’m just the lowly illustrator 😉

  3. Very nice work, I love the colors. My eyes really took some time to wonder around this piece and see all the detail and thought that went into it, down to the little woman on the bottom whispering your name!

  4. Wow! This has to be one of your best pieces to date… like Patrick, I got lost inside all the details. 😀

    Christopher is an amazing writer, so it’s exciting the two of you will be collaborating! It’s driving me nuts that I can’t recall where I first came across his work…
    Is “The Waitress” project with your illustrations going to be published?

  5. Thanks Tara! I’m hoping in the end to find a publisher or in the least self publish. You likely came across his work from my Facebook stream and clicked out to see his blog that way.

  6. Most likely… I knew I’d read works on his site before. :)
    Definitely work to get it published, because a book would make a lovely inspirational gift to someone (graduating from college, changing jobs, etc…)

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