An instant collection of vintage Canadian cigar boxes and a little Doyle family history

collection of vintage cigar boxes tucketts, benson hedges, rob burns, invincibles, pandora cigars

All these cigar boxes had belonged to my great uncle George Doyle and date from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. I come from a long line of collector’s, skilled tradespeople, homesteaders, artists, thinkers and tinkerers. While each of us currently collects things that mean something to us, many of the items we have are simply not something we need or want to keep but may be something you would enjoy owning.

With that said, My Dad and I recently began stocking the Doyle family vintage shop again, last week. We will continue to stock it with knicks knacks, collectables, paper ephemera, period advertisements, tins, houewares, supplies, Saint John NB historical items, WWII themed things and many more wonderful pieces of history!

I do all the online work, photographing, listing and packaging. While my Dad, cleans the items and together we date them. His living memory goes back 65 years, so this certainly is more advantageous than my 37 years. Together, we expect to have hundreds of listings added to the shop during the next few months. I’ll be blogging about select items here on the blog as I did in the past too. There is a vintage category.

This is my hobby folks, while art creation is my job. And if you have a hobby and haven’t been practicing that hobby for a while, then you are all to aware with what happens when you neglect your hobby for months or years…

So, today I’m happy to share with you a collection of five vintage cigar boxes.

Pictured Cigar Boxes

  1. Tucketts Marguerite Cigar Box
  2. Rare – Rob Burns – Invincibles – For Auld Lang Syne Cigar Box
  3. Pandora Cigars – Aged in Cedar, Patented – Panetela – Cigar Box
  4. Rob T. Burns – General Cigar Co. Limited – Invincibles Cigar Box
  5. Benson & Hedges – Number 7 Cigar Box

collection of vintage cigar boxes tucketts margueritte, benson hedges, rob burns, invincibles, pandora cigars

This collection of vintage cigar boxes can be purchased in the Doyle Family Vintage Shop, OLDisNEW.

What are your hobbies? Do you get cranky and become unfocused when you can’t or choose to not to practice your hobby and procrastinate instead? I hadn’t practiced my hobby since late 2009! It’s been far too long.

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7 thoughts on “An instant collection of vintage Canadian cigar boxes and a little Doyle family history”

  1. Dear Mrs. Doyle,
    Came across your site by chance, namely because of the stacked cigar boxes. I am working on a novel that in part plays in Canada between 1896 and 1915, and am looking for brand names of cigars smoked by the toffs at that time. Perhaps you know, or perhaps you coild point me in the right direction?
    I am an artist & writer, you might like to have a look at my site. I was in Canada (Maritimes, Newfoundland & Ontario) in August & September, to visit artist friends, take nature hikes & wilderness camping and to do research in archives, museum & libraries,
    Kind regards,

  2. I would suggest taking a look on Ebay, Rubylane and Etsy for anique items from that era. All three of those sites contain a wealth of information.

    The cigar and cigarette tins I have in my possession tend to be produced well after WWI. I would definitely ask in the Ebay forums perhaps.

    Nice to meet you Robin and good luck with your play!

  3. I’m wondering how old my cigar box is.  ‘Cedarap’ Pandora, Astor, H.Simon & Sons Limited, Quality Makers for 60 years, on the bottom it reads – 50 cigars, Factory No. 38, Port 10-D followed by a lengthy paragraph, ening with, ” When the package is empty the stamp and package must both be destroyed.  There is also a Pandora Cigars sticker inside the lid and a smaller SIMON’S cigars 10’cents’ Quality Makers for 60 years.

  4. Linda – the best thing to do would be to begin searching on Ebay, Etsy, Rubylane and Google to discover what the value of your box is. that is how I discovered the value of mine.

  5. Found this site researching my F. Hummel;s HIGH DADDY cigar box. with a 1910 tax stamp. Can’t find a word about it yet box is loaded with info like location of factory and factory numbers and the word canchas especiales and lots of tax stamps and something aobut the series of 1910 and the tax act of Aug 5 , 1909,. Even with all this info I can find notheing on the web about HIGH DADDY cigars

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