Saint John Gallery Hop is tonight!

Tonight, I’ll be heading out to the first Gallery Hop of the Year here in Saint John, NB. It was supposed to be held last weekend but due to a severe Winter storm it was postponed until today. There are 11 Galleries in total taking part.

Hope to see all out there in the bitter cold! At least it’s sunny outside.

Image of Flyer courtesy of Artist, Sara Jones!

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4 thoughts on “Saint John Gallery Hop is tonight!”

  1. Have fun at the Hop tonight! And dress in layers! 😉

    Are there any home studios included, or are these only public galleries participating?

  2. Mainly public galleries Tara. I’m hoping that maybe sometime during the next year I can add my studio to the list. however, I’m located outside of the core of the city but it still may be feasible to do.

    i’ve got my winter coat, boots, scarf and mittens! 😀

  3. So… how awkward is it to have people traipsing around your house?
    Do you confine them to one space, or let them roam?
    Are you required to give a group presentation, or simply answer individual questions?

    Just curious. :)

  4. I’ve held open studio’s before and it’s only been about 10 or so people show up but I suspect for a Gallery Hop event there’d be many more. I’d let them roam around on the whole main floor as the bedrooms are upstairs on the second floor.

    I think I’d just answer questions unless everyone showed up at once 😉

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