Well, that didn’t work

Today, would have been the day that I announce the winners of the donation drive but not enough donations came in to make the draw worthwhile. I’ll be refunding all donations later today (even though I said I wouldn’t within the post) that came in over the last couple of weeks. I couldn’t on good conscience keep them when not enough came in to even draw for the smallest prize.

It’s always a good thing to try something once and even twice at times when it comes to life, relationships or work related stuff. So, I tried it and it didn’t work.

What I learned over the last few months:

  • What people say isn’t what they actually do
  • What people like isn’t actually what they buy
  • Take certain personalities with a grain of salt while trusting others with your deepest secrets
  • There are some who taunt and some who encourage
  • And some who desperately want to see you fail because of their own shortcomings
  • And others whom will cheer you on and strive for your success as they work diligently towards their own too

All in all everyone brings value to the table and that is, in itself, inspiration enough!

The world would be a dull and bland place if everyone looked, acted and dressed the same. Sadly, the mainstream media would have you beleive that that is the way you should be.

I grew much skin over the last few months. And I’m glad you are all here.

With all that said, I’ll be placing a permanent donation button in the sidebar and on my about page later today for anyone who happens upon the site and feels it’s helped them in some way.

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12 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t work”

  1. Jessica,
    I’m sorry it didn’t work and I was definetly rooting for you. Your art is really wonderful and as I was reading on another of your posts, you have sold a lot already, so that will continue. And I loved all your stats. I was wondering if you counted the stats from people with Google Readers? I click on your little blurb, but don’t always come over to your actual site, so I was wondering if that is included in your numbers.
    Plus one other little thing. I would love to advertise on your blog (if mine would fit), but to be honest right now I can’t swing $75. per month. Now if that was a smaller figure, say $20 you might get lots of people waiting in line to advertise.
    Just a thought Jess and I hope I’m not out of line by saying so, but I feel by reading your blog and entries and watching what you are going thru with everything, that maybe honesty is a good thing in blog friends.
    peace n abundance,

  2. Jessica – I’m sorry this hasn’t worked for you – I don’t know how but I missed this post and have only just read it now :-( I guess one more wouldn’t have made much difference.

  3. Cheyanne, that’s actually and idea I’ve been floating around in my head to offer another way to advertise on this blog. I have appointments for most of the day today but am thinking i may offer smaller ad spaces that measure 50 by 125 pixels rather than 125 by 125 pixels. I’ll be updating the sponsorship page this weekend.

    Thank you for your honesty :)

  4. Hi Megan – It’s all good. Life is all about learning what’s works best for oneself.

  5. Just wanted to add that yes, I did include Google Readers in the subscribed/RSS stats figures. It may be more but i can only go with what feedburner tells me.

  6. Oh Jess. I have facebooked you a message. I am so sorry I forgot to bid. I have no excuse I just plain forgot. Please forgive me, I feel such a heel.

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