An FYI a RIP and a DIY – it’s the end of the miniature greeting card sets

fish miniature greeting cards set handmade

I began designing and creating these sets of cards in late 2008 and shortly after listing them for sale in the Art Shop. They were an instant success, with people buying them who spanned the globe living on five continents.

FYI – About a month ago, I was diagnosed with mild to moderate tendonitis in my left wrist and hand. And while, yes, I am right handed, I use the left hand simultaneously and just as much as the right hand when doing studio work, artwork, assembling, packaging, cutting, gardening, cleaning, dishes and typing and want to keep the left wrist from becoming too damaged to use at all. Preventative medicine?

RIP – I have about 14 packages of cards left in six different sets. Once they sell out, I will not, in the foreseeable near future be creating more.

DIY – However, I will be releasing and selling the awesome digital file that is associated with each set of cards; 10 patterns wrapped into one download in total. That means, you’ll get the high resolution print files with illustrations included, instructions for creating and packaging them and the supply list too. Expect this pattern to be released later this summer.

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5 thoughts on “An FYI a RIP and a DIY – it’s the end of the miniature greeting card sets

  1. I don’t believe so. It’s still causing much annoyance and some pain though so I’m just trying to eliminate a few things that caused the wrist and hand stress from repetitive motions and strain.

  2. Hopefully it will… I got stuck with dancer tendonitis (achilles) in the spring and it got better after laying off it for a while.

    Best thing for it is rest.

    I do love these little cards though. :)

  3. Candice – Dancer tendonitis sounds as awful as artist tendonitis. It’s amazing what we’ll put our bodies through but even more amazing what our bodies can endure and heal from. Glad you like the cards and hope you are doing down south!

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