Happy Mother’s Day – wreath of joy drawing

Just a quick note to say happy mother’s mother’s day to my mom. I love you! xoxo I drew this wreath late last year with a Pilot G-tec C4 pen inside a Fabriano Quadrato journal. Last week, I added in some vibrant colour using Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils and a few highlights with a white […]

Growing an organic garden cat, herbs, flowers and vegetables

Missy’s gotten herself into the habit of traveling into the garden to lick water droplets off the rainbow chard leaves after a rainfall or watering. I’ve been harvesting the chard for about six weeks now. It will continue growing well into the fall of the year. Along the side of the foundation in the backyard […]

Muffin Recipe – Grammie’s Low Fat Cranberry Bran Banana muffins

A few months before my grandmother passed away I spent an evening with her and did some baking. Together we created this muffin recipe that I originally scribbled in a Moleskine journal. I’ve since formulated it into a proper recipe. Get your mixing bowls ready! You’ll need two mixing bowls; one for the liquids and […]

3 Years Today and Five Ways to Make it to 4

Yes, it is that day of the year again where I can honestly say that I am sober of GHB addiction. Five Ways to Make it to 4 Don’t hang out with people who use the drug you were addicted to no matter how much you like them steer clear because a moment of weakness […]

I watched them pack or Seasons Greetings!

I watched them pack sunflowers I watched them pack autumn leaves I watched them pack orange berries amidst stems and wreaths I watched them count I watched them punch it in I watched them count I watched them pack it in… to oversize black garbage bags, Autumns last breeze. It will not compost As it […]

Day 2 – yelling at people on neighboring penthouse decks

The moving BACK-EAST sale day 2 UPDATED – items no longer available are crossed out Today and tomorrow (Monday & Tuesday) – rain or shine Afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 Evening from 6:00 to 8:00 Buzz #402 at 2228 Franklin St. Vancouver BC Click here for the google map to get to my place. Yesterday […]

Losing cats on airplanes and selling it off

I arrived with two suitcases and two carry-ons four years ago. Now, I have a fully furnished two bedroom apartment with mature potted greenery growing outside on the deck. Going going gone. I need to purchase a large cat pet carrier for Missy as she will be traveling in the airplane’s baggage compartment. The last […]