About selling at markets, having a boyfriend and living a sober life

It’s been a long time since I felt confident enough to say I love what I do. Selling at the City Market over the last few weeks has been a blessing. I worked hard to find full-time work outside of the home yet almost every door I knocked on stayed closed for the last seven […]

Introducing the Indigo Urchin & Friends Along with an important announcement

As much as I enjoy creating pastel hued floral and beach themed art there is another side to me that loves to delve into the darker more illuminating side of reality. Above is the Indigo Urchin, Starfish no.3, Ocean coral Fingers no.2 and the Illuminated Barnacle. They appear as they would in the dead of […]

A friend said these flowers look like breasts

He did. I laughed, and the name kind of stuck. Size – 4×6 inches / 10,2cm by 15,3cm Medium – India ink, Prismacolor colored pencil and Windsor & Newton watercolor on Arches watercolor paper. The original A friend said these flowers look like breasts is for sale in the shop đŸ˜‰ And just a note […]

Monday’s list – stats, features and missing friends

All orders are shipping out on time Milton the Fish made the Friday Finds Fish List! Very close friend leaves to build snow bridges for four to five months in Northern Manitoba on Wednesday morning so companies can get their precious oil out while the marshland ground is frozen and accessible Do you love me […]

About picking caterpillars off friends

You stare. It stares. It begins. The bugs march to and fro throughout this dwelling high and low. Be ware deviants. So much paper. Must be cleaned. How does one clean paper? Sweep it? Pest control arrived and delivered the chemical. Dousing nooks and crannies. Angry? Yes. Angry at you? No. Dealing with a nuisance. […]

A pillow fight became me – How to get free bread and why you should skim those bulk emails from friends

And the feathers puffed out, floating about us. Laughing inhaling we reacted with another soft thud. Whack. Beyond Robson has published World Wide Pillow Fight Club 2.0 – fluffier and more poofy. Peter lists the finer details, including the rules I don’t list in this post, if you might be interested in attending next year’s […]