The good in becoming vulnerable

How do you deal with unwanted attention or attention that perhaps you didn’t expect to get from something you wrote, said, posted, tweeted, shared or facebooked for the sheer fun of it; basically because you could, because it’s your personal space to share and create on. Getting sick and feeling awful certainly puts one’s life […]

New River Beach in New Brunswick and learning to move forward without fear

I traveled to New River Beach yesterday with Vikki, Gus and his little guy. It was a beautiful day, albeit too cold for swimming. I had my hoops with me and spent a good hour hula hooping up and down the coastline. Vikki wondered off photographing most of the coast… Hopefully she’ll upload the photos […]

Artists Tip #13 – Would you glue or tape it?

Would you glue or tape it? Why tape it when you can glue it. Choose colorless, acid free and archival glues for your collage and art pieces. Scotch tape is good for wrapping gifts. Masking tape adheres the edges of watercolor paper to a board when painting to keep it flat. Double sided, lined with […]

Napping and dreaming about bubbled artwork and ANGRY vintage kitchen tables

I am waking from a nap. Work. Well, work is work. I’ve filed last Friday in a place that won’t be disturbed ever. I find myself holding out for the new manager to arrive. Hopefully when she arrives things will begin to turn around. Until that day comes, because I do not have other steady […]

Day 2 – yelling at people on neighboring penthouse decks

The moving BACK-EAST sale day 2 UPDATED – items no longer available are crossed out Today and tomorrow (Monday & Tuesday) – rain or shine Afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 Evening from 6:00 to 8:00 Buzz #402 at 2228 Franklin St. Vancouver BC Click here for the google map to get to my place. Yesterday […]