A List of 10 Good Things

It’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong and forget about what is right within our own personal lives. These last few months I’ve found myself pulling away from the online world and forming and strengthening relationships in the real world and honing and learning new skills that will indeed help me in the future. […]

Summer slowing and getting ready for an exciting Fall

Stepping back and really looking at one’s life to find what makes you happy is one thing while stepping forward in search of solace and discovering what really makes you tick tock is quite, another. Digging in the dirt makes me happy as does renting rooms to people in my home. Spending time with family […]

Etsy feels like an addiction

And I should know because I am an addict. Four and half years ago when I was being treated for GHB addiction my doctor asked me what I planned to do for money. At the time I was just discovering the beauty of blogging and all the possibilities that it held: a way to share […]

What was going on in my head before Monday night

The decision being made is one of wordly significance offline. Online, however I’ll still be here at the same domain. Tonight I’ll be attending an orientation session at Gallery Gachet. After that I’ll be deciding whether to move cross continent travelling East to New Brunswick on the Atlantic Coast of Canada from Vancouver, here on […]

About picking caterpillars off friends

You stare. It stares. It begins. The bugs march to and fro throughout this dwelling high and low. Be ware deviants. So much paper. Must be cleaned. How does one clean paper? Sweep it? Pest control arrived and delivered the chemical. Dousing nooks and crannies. Angry? Yes. Angry at you? No. Dealing with a nuisance. […]

Angry Banking Brain Blog Snowball! Poof!

I seem to go through periods of time that involve me, asking more questions than I can answer. Before finishing or beginning to answer a question, one needs to be able to calm down to look at the possible answers. It is a strange but illuminating experience to actually jump to the other side. All […]


I find myself listening to Spirits again today. It is almost painful sometimes to listen, for it causes so much emotion to well up inside me that I need to release. Last week on Thursday I danced. Friday I awoke feeling the world is my playground and that my dreams are becoming reality because I […]