Secret #6 – Sharing a day in the life

The guilt arrives in waves. For many this guilt is something you may never experience. It could be something you experience daily. It’s a form of anxiety associated with earning money. That’s the only way I can describe this; that knowledge that one is beginning to earn more than poverty level income and entering into […]

Revisiting the 2009 goals list or what I did and didn’t do this year

On January 2nd of this year I wrote a 2009 Goals List. I am revisiting that list now seeing as 2009 is quickly coming to a close. In blockquotes is the goal and just below is the update… 1. Get my site off of and back to self-hosting I accomplished this goal. I self […]

In search of supplies, systems and the middle class dream

Beginning your own business from scratch without going into debt is a fun challenge. Add to that a student loan that is 10 years old that must continue to be paid down. So far so good. The next immediate need is bookkeeping software to track my incoming and outgoing costs, supply, packaging and advertising costs […]


You know, this is likely the page I ponder most yet update least on this blog. If you could see my desk at the moment you’d understand how difficult it is to write a few paragraphs about oneself when she is copiously preoccupied with everything else but that which is in front of her. Life […]

The economics of happy

First, smile, then roll up your sleeves and begin painting one wall at a time. Over the last few days I have cleaned, painted, washed, scrubbed until sparkling and sweated it out with my Dad over town in the vacant two bedroom apartment that came up for rent this month. The apartment is beneath my […]