Sexy Running Feet – Custom Acrylic Painting with Creative Process Photos

This is the second in a series of five paintings for RunDeeZone. The first Footprint is posted here. The Medium – Kroma Artist Acrylic on Arches cold press watercolour paper The Size – 8×10 inches The Fabulous Client – RunDeeZone

Hand painting Christmas balls or is it really about sex?

Each year, well almost every year I sit down and paint Christmas balls for gift giving as I finally did finish setting up that area in the living room to paint at earlier this week. I needed an area that could remain creatively messy. Thus far I’ve painted four Christmas balls and sadly have run […]

Sexy Red Toes or Wiggle Those Toes!

Original ink drawing painted with watercolor. I added the beige sand colored background digitally using photoshop. The weather is warming although the evenings are still dipping down into the single digits. Last night it went down to 4˚C. Not to Spring like at all. This image is available as an archival print in my shop. […]

Sexual ramblings, feelings and stable confessions

How is it that sexuality, confidence and stability can clash together causing inner most ideals and beliefs to fall down, crash and burn. Ideally two people meet, get together and could get married. They could then proceed to have children. This is the ideal. The reality of that ideal is that it can exist and […]

Abstracted sex is for sale now

Why are you doing this? Being an artist is not unlike any other job or carreer path one chooses or is drawn to . Being financially secure and able to pay your rent or student loan debt is what many of us are faced with regardless of your trade or background. To be able to […]

Fish illustration and some thoughts in no particular order and why I give up…

Why is it that when you really like someone you get all crazy and can’t contain yourself and blurt out the wrong things and repeat yourself, asking the same questions over and over from sheer excitement because you do indeed like the man. These last few months have been nothing but extraordinary for me and […]

The timing is off and someday soon it will turn on

In life we either get it right or we don’t as there really isn’t an in between nether world that we can climb into when things aren’t going the way we want them to. However, I tend to crawl into that purgatorial space when the creative bug hits and begin drawing the creatures that float […]