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ACEO harmony by artist jessica doyle

Original Artwork Size – 3.5 by 2.5 inches / 8,8cm by 6,3cm

Date of creation – October 2008

Medium – Prismacolor lightfast Verithin colored pencils, Windsor & Newton watercolor and Pilot H-tec C pens on Arches Watercolor paper

The original is for sale here

Harmony is also available in two print sizes.

5×7 inch / 12,7cm by 17,8cm – here
ACEO mini print size – here

harmony-front-page etsy jessicadoyle

I love waking to happy things in the morning. The original artwork of Harmony made the front page of Etsy while I was sleeping.

Thank you Urbanknit for curating such a beautiful treasury that made the front page of Etsy.

Annabelle, isn’t she dreamy…

Meet Annabelle, the newest member of the Fish family.

Annabelle came into being a few days ago. She was created with Faber Castell india ink, Windsor and Newton watercolour and Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils. She is an ACEO which stands for Art, Cards, Editions and Originals. The original measures 3.5 by 2.5 inches.

Reproductive prints in larger sizes are available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

Annabelle has one older sister named Emily and four older brothers named Milton, George, Eddie and Francis.

Star of the East – custom design work

front card staroftheeast design by jessica doyle

In September, Esther and Estalla from Turkey of Star of the East contacted me about doing a business card for them featuring the Sassy Sea Urchin illustration of mine.

back card staroftheeast design by jessica doyle

And I agreed. Their jewelry is whimsically detailed and my illustrations seemed to jive well with their beautiful style.

star of the east jewelry

star of the east jewelry

star of the east jewelry

I began working on the design initially using the Sassy Sea Urchin. I thought it out more then migrated the design to an existing starfish illustration that worked better for their own identity and name than the urchin. I am so pleased with the result and so are they.

It was great working with you both! Thank you.

star of the east jewelry

Go and visit their shop here
You read their blog here

star of the east jewelry


Tree Line

Calm homage to the beauty and subtlety of autumn;
an unusual break from swirls and detail
to that of straightened lines and softened hues.

*ACEO Size – 3.5″ by 2.5″ or 89mm by 64mm
Medium – sepia india ink and lightfast coloured pencil on flower petal textured paper

The original is available here. If you are interested in a print simply let me know and I can create one for you in ACEO or 5×7 size.

*An ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. they always measure 3.5″ by 2.5″ and can be created from any medium. They are an awesome way to collect affordable art.

Secret #2 – Say, write, email or blog a thank you

These last few months are turning out to be some of the best and most memorable months for me in terms of art creation, exposure and hence gratitude. It’s so easy these days to become overwhelmed with emails, blog postings, comment moderation, facebook, flickr, features, etsy, galleries, friends, family, *dating and the responding to such. Throw into that mix, a few bad apples and I do become depressed or anxious at times as people or situations are not always what you want them to be. Occasionally, it can be down right nasty what people say to you.
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Feeling Disconnected – New Ink Drawing

We all feel disconnected from ourselves and even with the world that surrounds us during moments of sorrow, loss or simply because we are overwhelmed. Know this though, you are not alone with those feelings of anxiety or hopelessness as we all from time to time do feel this way.

Take comfort in knowing that every emotion and feeling that you experience will pass, evolving into yet another that in turn to, will adapt and ever change again.

We are human; and that IS what connects us all.

I created prints of this ink drawing today, for sale on HangsaLittleLeft.

Secret #1 – Learn to Grow Food


In my last post I said I have many secrets. And this is the first post in which I’ll share with you my hopes in becoming less reliant on the machine created by man. Through the use of technology and ancient wisdom we do indeed have the knowledge today to become more independent and in essence get off that damn grid either completely or in the least partially.

I am teaching myself how to grow food. This undertaking began three summers ago on my deck in containers in Vancouver. I miss that apartment and deck something awful at times. The view brings tears to my eyes and floods my senses with memories so vivid and very much alive today in a most humble and appreciative way.

North West View of deck garden in Vancouver.

I am far from being able to produce enough to consume during a whole year or even a few months, however, each year my gardens do yield more and more. This year combined with the help and knowledge from both my Mom and Dad we grew some fantastic food!

Brussels Sprouts

We fertilized using only local organic oceanic and manure compost that we purchased or had ourselves. By growing your own food you not only know where your food is coming from; you will eat healthy, get in shape, save the environment and be all the more closer to not having to rely on imports to eat.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

In 2007 I did begin the planting of that years garden in Vancouver. It grows in other parts of that world now. I gave it all away, left it behind or sold what I could when I left for good. About a week after arriving back in Saint John from Vancouver I turned soil with my Dad in the backyard, and closed this blog down for two months to gather myself.

It is amazing that years can pass in the blink of an eye. You can see the full Garden 2008 set on Flickr here. And if you are on my facebook there are even more photos! Feel free to add me as a friend from the top left sidebar of this blog.


Photo Credits, © Jessica Doyle 2008
1. 2008 Garden Montage – Saint John
2. Garden 2006 – Vancouver looking West from the deck
3. 2008 Brussels Sprouts – Saint John
4. 2008 Rainbow Swiss Chard – Saint John
5. 2008 Early Bird Tomatoes – Saint John (Although in this climate they are late…)