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Lost in Commentation

I have been travelling around the world leaving comments all across the landscape except no one will be able to find me from where ever I have been. Doh! In the space where one is to write their address if they like; I have been filling in with rather than http://j[e]

If only there was a spell check for web address’. And when one has set your forms to automatic fill in firefox… well that just exasperates the problem – đŸ˜‰

Sometimes we do things to protect ourselves from slaughter


Sometimes we do things to protect ourselves from slaughter. The things we do don’t hurt anyone mentally nor physically. So why do we need protection to begin with. It could stem from years of questions mostly from within yourself to yourself. But on a deeper level we don’t know ourselves to begin with; we just are. We begin to know ourselves once we are taught. This teaching allows us to communicate. When we no longer are, present through communication we can not be. And not to be is the question to slaughter because there is no other way. What if, we just stopped, to be every now and then.

Breathing inhaling joining the world renew. Jumping flying standing still.

The Davinci Code

Last night I went to see [tag]The Davinci Code[/tag]. It happened to be the first movie where I had read the book before seeing the movie. Oh how painful it was LOL. I understand now, why movie goers tend to get upset after they read the book and then watch the movie created from the book. It did strike me funny though that the book read like a movie. While reading it I kept wondering when there would be a commercial break. Go figure!