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As human beings we search for connections, look for validation and adhere to the norm. Every now and then a new idea emerges from the masses taunting older symbols long since ingrained within the societal stigmata.

This idea softly floats about joining itself to others through the senses in both unconscious and conscious ways. Once spoken, programmed, written, drawn, painted, acted or cooked it is not but a dream no longer; it is reality.

And your reality is whatever you choose it to be.

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A Note on Censorship, Stats and Personal Well Being

Funny, all my google referers have disappeared from my stats.
I feel more censored at home than anywhere else on earth.
And I am well.

Ever get to that point where you need to have a good long freaking cry. Just crying for the sake of crying to feel good afterwords. Not unlike laughing hysterically yet you are crying instead.

I am working harder now than I’ve ever worked in my whole life. I am working hard custom picture framing. I am working hard at drawing and painting instead of using drugs. I am writing. I find I am censoring myself. I am finding it hard to believe that I am doing all this.

I find it hard to believe that people can influence me the way they do. I find it hard to believe that I am in charge of this blog. I find it hard to believe that even though Google or WordPress hates me I still get 400+ visitors a day.

I get that urge to go crazy sometimes. Occasionally that hits HARD and I love it!

So I have this Etsy shop. And it’s damn hard to have an Etsy shop. It’s a lot of trial and error. I’m considering opening an X-rated Etsy shop because I can see the other side of the coin. Bling!

A long time ago I wished I could be in on that median. I wanted that happy medium so badly that everyone else had. I got it. I had it good. Now… single for just over one year and living with my parents, in debt up to my yin yang and I’m feeling kind of destitute, yet very creative at the same time. Men just seem to piss me off lately. They are all ogre like. Not all. I’ve met my share of female ogress’s. hahahahahahaha

Maybe that’s it.


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Ideas Form in the Clouds

Ideas Form in the Clouds

The TRUE STORY – At a gathering one night *Monica tried and successfully squeezed her size 9 feet into size 6 roller skates… and skated in them for about an hour.

Yes her feet hurt afterwards. But the moral of the story is she had fun in her pursuit of happiness.

Size – 10 by 10 inches or 25.4cm by 25.4cm
Medium – Pilot G-tec C4 pen and water on Fabriano Sketchbook Paper.
Artist’s Satement – Day Dreaming

*name changed to protect the identity of this foot squeezer :)

How do you clean your mind?

I began, a few moments ago, thinking about how I wished I could remove my brain, throw it in the wash with detergent and later dry it outside on the line in the crisp autumn air.

I can’t literally do that though and that fact irks me especially after a day like today.

I am only able to wash my skin if dirty, exercise if fat and eat if hungry. The mind is different and yes, every one of those things affects the mind indirectly but they cannot immediately rid it of dirt.

This got me thinking about drugs and how I crave them during moments of high stress. Yes, moments, for the urge can pass to instantaneously fix the sleepiness, stupidness or inattentiveness. On days like today though the moments turned into hours and the 15 minute break worked for about 15 minutes upon my return to working. I know, I know there will be days like these.

I wish I had that little bottle on days like these. I wish I had my magic potion. I wish I could sip it into oblivion and be unaware of my own existence, only conscious of other’s insistence.

Today I found two pennies.

We are more than just talking heads – we are meat

Went to see BodyWorlds last weekend at Science World.

The ribs appeared as sliced turkey adhered to bone.
Lungs black, steel white or thinly sliced
tar flecs a sisxteenth of an inch thick visible to the naked eye.
This plastination of human origin indeed were so,
these maniquins but a small fanciful taste
to this mid-autumn’s delusion.

Bound in glass were creatures rarer still
we peared, enchanted
a coloquial stew
of veins transcendent of colour perceived in this reality;
not of red, nor magenta or blood.

gaze of gawkers,
this stew has form
a lamb –

a baby lamb.

ducky.jpgI couldn’t believe my eyes; that, this was real. This lamb had once been a lamb alive. The turkey was attached to human male and/or female ribcages. The lungs were bodiless. Ethereal they lay there, as though granite polished to a matte, as not to relfect their history but share it – breaths still alive, escaped wispers into humankind. These corpse’s/maniquins were once breathing. They had soul, they had history. I saw their physical history. I even held one of our own livers in my hand. A human liver. It was no different than holding a smaller but similar looking turkey liver from Christmas Dinners past. We are meat. This wasn’t meat though. It was meat.

A full floor of the VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery) would have served this exhibit well. Even a quarter of a floor space would have been more adequate at displaying this vast collection of plasticized humans and other mammals.

Upon arrival home, I set about defrosting pork chops, that oddly appear as one display of human leg cross-section from Body-works. I got the heebie-geebies. The willies. The @#$%^. I felt bodiless for a moment or two. Eric walked over, looked down in the frying pan.

Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS exhibitions are currently showing in North America. “The human body is the last remaining nature in a man made environment,” he says. “I hope for the exhibitions to be places of enlightenment and contemplation, even of philosophical and religious self recognition, and open to interpretation regardless of the background and philosophy of life of the viewer.”

Just the Veins - from Justin's photostreamIt’s times like these that I want to reach a higher state of understanding the world around me. I think to the future about what will be? I think about Charlton Heston in Soylent Green. Green reconstituted rectangular pieces of human beings. You know what got me most was the 30 feet of human intestine layed flat filled with air and coloured, framed, glassed over and nailed to the black painted wall. 30 feet. I couldn’t help staring at the length I do not own anymore. 11 inches of illeum belongs to the earth again from me. It was weird to see what an illeum really looks like.

There is another organization one can donate one’s remains to, for plastination.

Third photo entitled Just the Veins from Justin’s Photostream. We are more than just talking heads – We are meat.