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How to Amputate and Lose Weight

While taking some pics of myself to post for The Diet I inadvertantly took one, where my right hand seems to have, mysteriously disapeared. I looked “oh, I can’t use that one”. Then I glanced again and thought why not. This picture has not been photoshopped or blurred on purpose. I simply had placed my hand on my waist resulting in a photo of an amputated woman. Ha! What better way to lose weight than to amputate yourself. 😉

bust – 37.5″ (beginning bust – 39″)
waist – 32″ (beginning waist – 33.5″)
bum – 41″ (beginning bum – 42.5″)

As I have mentioned before I do not own a scale. I cannot weigh myself. I have lost though a total of 4.5 inches. Nice!

Fitness wise I am a container gardener on my deck, a walker and hula hooper.

The largest impact however has been in adjusting not what I eat but how and when I eat it. I visited the local nutritionist two weeks ago at my doc’s office. The appointment caused some written reflection on how to fit a square into a circle. The post is aptly named so.

Today, two weeks later having been following the recommendations made by the nutritionist I’m feeling well, pretty damn good. Instead of eating everything at once (breakfast, lunch) at suppertime she recommended I spread it out throughout the day. I no longer eat at 6:00pm for the firt time. I have set a rule to eat something nutritious within an hour of waking rather than at, up to 8 hours after waking and surviving on Pepsi alone. The sugar kept my brain going however my metabolism thought it was still sleeping and held on to the food it got later when I would go to sleep. I wasn’t waking my metabolism up by feeding it. Good god! I am also drinking about 8 cups of water a day now. Continue reading

How to Get a Square to Fit into a Circle

In the search for understanding, we as human beings, have been taught to ask questions if we do not understand something. This is one of the most beautiful gifts we have been given; the ability to learn and intelligence. So now we can learn and we can ask questions about what we are learning to further understand it. We learn through our senses. We listen to the answer. We could watch a demonstration of the answer or even feel the answer through touch. Put simply we learn through example from those who came before us.


Now that we have learned something what do you do it? You could get a job with your newly learned information upon graduating from a center of higher learning. You could teach what you have learned to new, up and coming individuals or groups. Or, you could use what your new found knowledge by building upon it. By building upon it, I mean asking more questions, trying out techniques you develop yourself, exploring possibilities that you have not been tried before.

This is where the creative mind comes in.

Take a circle and a square of the same proportion and size. How do you fit that square through the circle? Fold the square? Thinking three dimensionally to ascertain certain answers that have puzzled people for years for begins solving past problems. And thinking three dimensionally is not as difficult as one may thinketh.

We are taught in school to write out the problem and formula followed by the solution. What if you already know the answer but not how you got to it? What if you know the formula but not the solution? And what if the problem isn’t really a problem at all; it is a quandary just to find out who knows, both the formula and the solution.

Problem. Formula. Solution. Why. How. Answer.

While visiting my doctor on Friday she again asked if I would like to talk with the Nutritionist on Staff. I grumbled saying “You asked me that the last time I was here.” For a split second I thought OK, this won’t be so bad. I fought back the little voice inside saying nooooooooo, Jessica you can figure it out on your own. I knew the problem and solution but lacked the proper formula to eat properly.

20 minutes and sitting in another office later with the Nutritionist I was anxious to the point of not being able to sit still. She smiled and introduced herself to me asking “What have your eating habits been since about grade seven?”. I knew they were bad, good, delightful, erratic and impulsive matching my nature to a tee. God, I thought I have not eaten a regular breakfast since grade seven. For 20 years I have not eaten a regular breakfast.

The last time I spoke with a Nutritionist was in 1997 following two surgeries for Crohn’s Disease. I did well with the diet prescribed and have been in remission since then. My weight since that time has fluctuatied 20 to 30 lbs at any given time. I don’t meet the criteria for a full blown eating disorder. However, what I am doing is not healthy. Funny though, I damn well know what I’m doing is not healthy, the why or problem and know the consequences of what I am doing is not healthy, the solution or answer but have never fully understood how it is unhealthy. The how is the formula I know why we as human beings need to eat properly to eat properly. I undestand proper serving sizes. I also know the Canadian Food Guide to healthy living. So why am I heaviest right now?

Back in grade eight I decided it best to eat only frozen mini-sips all day, not eating my first meal until supper time, after school. I always ate a healthy supper and then had many snacks until bed. I’m not a teenager anymore. I’m not in my twenties anymore. I am 32 and my body just does not bounce back as easily from my wild eating habits.

The nutritionist explained to that not eating until six or seven hours later after waking causes your metabolism to think it is still asleep. And that the sugar I drink through consuming Pepsi gives me the energy I need to get through the day however it puts weight on my belly and bum. She said you may think that eating three meals a day would cause you to put weight on but that it is a myth. When you eat breakfast after waking up your metabolism wakes up therefore begins to work. Feeding yourself regularly will keep your metabolism regular. It will begin to know when you are awake and then asleep. Right now my body is thinking it is asleep except for that short period of time in the evening when it awakes from eating supper and later snacks.

The answer is easy. Through following the formula one loses weight.

I will post my prescribed diet on Tuesday with the weigh in results for The Diet.

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The wiegh in – the Diet

The past few weeks have been wonderfully full of excercise. I went to the beach twice in the past three days. One to Sasamat Lake and once down the 400 stairs to Wreck Beach and then back up 400 stairs. Since the weather has taken a turn for the better here in Vancouver I have in turn been excercising more. I have been working in my garden an average of 45 minutes upto two hours a day. I have been hula hooping every second day for 45 minutes. I have gone swimming twice and have been walking everywhere. While out on my deck I began doing leg lifts, crunches and situps. My stomach was so sore the following day. It has since healed 😉

The summer has a way of infecting weCanadians with bliss. We spend six monthes of the year in winter. When those rays start to shine we start to wine, dine and bare it all. I wonder if the summer has such a signicant effect on people living in other countries and climates? Eric and I have decided that we will be heading south for a few weeks during the 12 week grey rainy season here in Vancouver. He has been researching the country of Belize and also Mexico.

Now onto the nitty gritty measurments.

bust = 38 – down from 39 inches
waist = 32.5 – down from 33 inches
hips = 41.5 – down from 42 inches

Woot! I am proud of myself. This makes me feel very good. I wasn’t expecting a change when I measured but the numbers don’t lie. I do not have a scale therefore I am unable to post my weightloss progress ( will be able to next week though after a visit to the doctor). Take a look at everyone else’s progress here. Most of all I feel re-connected with mother earth through swimming in her oceans, feeling warmth on my back and getting dirty in garden only to do it all over again the next day. Well, tomorrow I have some contract work to complete… maybe Wednesday…

The Weigh In!

This is a late post however it’s got motion in the form of hula hooping at dusk! Can’t weigh myself and did not take my measurements this week. In lieu of the measurments I put together a little film of photos of myself and Eric hula hooping last night on our deck to prove we are active. Also check out my recent garden updates and previous weigh in posts. Hope everyone else is doing well with The Diet!

Jessica and Eric – Hula Hooping – June 12, 2006.

Enjoy the stop motion movie!

Week 2 Weigh in – Jessica

This past week I gardened, hula hooped and did some long distance walking. My Pepsi intake is about the same. I will be able to do a weigh in once a month at the doctors office. My waist and hips decreased by a half inch each. I’m winding down on my Valium taper and feeling some pretty strange intense side effects due to that. Tapering off caffeine and sugar right now isn’t a large priority for me when I’m nearing the end of a vary long battle with addiction to sedatives. I often try to do too many things at once and hence lose the the battle with all of them. When the Valium taper is complete I will choose another to say good bye to.
Continue reading

Week 1 Weigh in – Jessica

This is very new to me, that is the having to lose weight. My weight tended to fluctuate between 115 and 130lbs for the most part, during the whole decade of my twenties. However when I reached age 30 my weight range averaged between 125 to 145lbs. Now at age 32 my weight as of my last doctors appointment was 160lbs. OMG!

Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Weight

I did it.

As many of you know I’ve been battling a sort of Pepsi addiction over the past few monthes. It has got to a point where I am drinking upwards of 12 plus cans a day. Today, however marks the first day I have not had any Pepsi. I have a feeling just cutting out the soda pop will have a positive effect on my waistline.

I joined a list of dieters this evening after getting back from my walk. Tomorrow I will be posting my weight, height, BMI and yes the dreaded measurements. What better way to lose weight than go public with it. Every week on Tuesday everyone involved will be posting their progress and tips on their respective websites. Even if you are not looking to lose weight but would like to support us please join the list. You can also read Colin D. Devroe’s original post on the Diet!

Good luck to everyone!