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And a wave of sadness washed over me

Between life becoming busy and life seeming mundane, grey and somewhat frustrating I can’t say that I haven’t been feeling sad lately because I have.

Sadness Rant

I’m tired of being single and feeling lonely
I’m tired of people writing and blatantly saying they are going to copy me but as they don’t sell on Etsy; it’s ok.
I’m tired of idiots that are disguised as gentlemen who won’t return a journal that rightfully belongs to me.
I’m tired of this city
I’m tired of not earning enough to own my own place
I’m tired of being so close I can taste it
I’m tired of not understanding Google Analytics


I’m just very tired lately and everything seems to be bothering me.


…and I’m working hard and I’ll be damned if I’ll be down for that long because there are goals to meet this year…

And a wave of sadness washed over me

Size – 8×8 inches / 20,3cm by 20,3cm
Artist Quality Materials used – Faber Castell India Ink, Pilot Silver Gel Ink, Pilot hi tec C pens and Pilot Gtec, C4 pens, Strathmore Flower Petal Paper
And the wave of sadness, well it’s listed for sale

Beyond the Allergy

… there is hope that life will return to normal in the month of September when ragweed and golden rod cease to pollute the air.

Earlier this evening while sitting outside I began sneezing then rubbing my eyes then scratching my inner thighs. Something had stung me moments earlier while I was curled up inside with a knitted afgan. Hives began to appear. I run inside grab the afgan chuck it outside and onto the deck and immediately jaunt to the bathroom douse the spot with peroxide and swallow yet another half of a sleep inducing antihistamine pill.

My mother grabs the afgan and shook. Sure enough a small winged creature flew out of it.

There exists only two forms of antihistamine; one that causes you great energy and alertness while the other drowsiness. I choose to take diphenhydramine- hydrochloride which is the eldest form of allergy meds available for public consumption. It makes me sleepy though and not able to concentrate if I take the full 25mg. I take half instead. The other contains ephedrine and caffeine which can cause you not to be able to sit still which not so good when you work on a computer or are trying to draw. Your drawings will resemble seismographic outputs and you will click needlessly and repeatedly with your mouse.

May and August are the worst two months. The rest of the year is not so bad. I was treated for severe allergies while living out West in Vancouver. The doctors treated me for cat, dog, birch and alder tree allergies. Dust and dust mite shit are the worst two offenders though. They treated me for those allergens to by injecting minute amounts of mite shit into my arm. It worked. For a whole year I had hives on my arms from the treatment and had to take anti-histamine daily but hey, I can actually clean my house now and during 10 months of the year I am relatively normal without having to ingest allergy medication.

This weekend I will be buying some local honey. Everyday for the next couple of weeks I will take a teaspoon of it and see if it works. A few folks mentioned it does as local honey would contain tiny amounts of the pollen that is making me miserable and in essence do the same thing that the injections of mite turd did.

Coping with allergies sucks… plain and simple.

Ensuring the Pace is Slow

Garden Gloves

For someone who is normally active in both movement and spirit my physical well being has been struck down to a dauntingly slow pace. I began feeling ill late last week and promptly drove myself to the medical clinic Tuesday evening after my symptoms began worsening and not improving after 5 days.

They diagnosed me with sinusitis and prescribed a 10 day course of amoxicillin. My family and many of friends got hit hard with whatever it is that is going around in Southern New Brunswick. Here, I thought I was immune. Haha. I had sinusitis 5 years ago and it lasted eight months. It will not last that long this time around.

The case of the elongated routine

Early last week I had begun my routine of getting up in the morning, brushing my teeth, showering (every second day), eating some breakfast and running my business for the day. I tend to rise at 10:00AM and go to sleep at 2:00AM. Seems to be natural for me so I stick with it. I don’t need an alarm to wake up with this time schedule. But, brushing my teeth now takes one hour and showering takes 2 hours and eating, well it’s hard when your appetite has depleted to that of a mouse.

I remembered having a case of Ensure tucked away in the cupboard for those times when my gut acts up as it does on occasion from having Crohn’s all those many years ago. Knock on wood it has remained in remission for the last 11 years. And one way I keep it in remission is to know my body and when the gut feels bad eat easily digestible food and in a few days I do feel great again. I eat pretty much everything except for olives. They turn my stomach as does tomato soup. Yet, I only cook with olive oil and eat many fresh tomatoes. Hmmm.

As part of the routine I had begun walking to the post office daily taking orders in hand to ship off to various destinations around the world. The post office is a 1/2 hour walk down hill from where I live and another 1/2 hour hike back up that incline. The walking halted abruptly on Thursday. I become tired climbing the one flight of stairs to my studio to work.

Working is good.

I can sit no problem. So, I’ve been working on creating limited edition prints, packaging orders, painting and readying my business for the Fall and Christmas season. I want to buy that three family home I dream of in uptown Saint John. I am working towards it. By Fall I hope to have 500 items listed in my Etsy shop. I have 157 right now. Another 343 to go.

And you know what feels good, I am doing this all on my own. There is no man in my life. I’m reaching for my dreams as twice now those dreams have been put on hold due to relationship breakups. And that is the way with life.

Never Never Never give up.

Image Credit – Jessica Doyle, Garden Gloves

I am I will I shouda coulda and ALWAYS read the fine ART print within posts when it is about WORDPRESS


WE CAN LINK to our ETSY SHOPS from within POSTS!!!! YAY!!!
Thank you Toni

Yes, with the change of seasons comes a change in health. It seems I get struck first by the 24 hour vomit flu and now the going on 96 hour sinus, sore throat, congestion cough cold headache kill me super bug illness. To top it off I have a beautiful blasted cold sore growing on my lower left lip again.

In other news, I’ve purchased an archival printer. Let the bells ring out and the angels sing!

Glicée Prints are available in my Art Shop as of today! More will come as the healthier days commence.

You can get to my art shop in one of ONLY two ways from this blog as has rules about linking to paying sites such as an art shop. You can click on over to my about page or you can click the link found in the upper left navigation menu.

And for the record I don’t only blog because I have an Art Shop. I blog because I love it. It’s another medium for me to bend at whim. To quote what I wrote in 2006 over at the Blog Herald:

Blogging is like opening up a new pack of crayons at age six. It is an artist’s medium; as Letraset is to Mac, hand journaling is to blogging. This new form of journaling; recording information in real time, has struck a chord with me. The sound of tapping keys makes me happy. I have been creating for nearly 30 years but have not shared much of what I have created, learned, understood and for that matter not understood with anyone save for friends and family. This medium grants me a way to create anew and recreate my past artistic endeavors.

And it still does today!

I do wish I could link to my art shop from within posts every now and then here on WordPress… please?…

…and without fear of being banished!

I am sick.
I will get better.
I shoulda taken echinacea.
I coulda

NEW archival printer on my desk!

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It was brown. It stunk. And it hurt.


I began feeling noxious around 3PM yesterday. I began throwing up around 4PM. Around 6PM I peed out my ass. Whatever hit me has since left me quite violently over the last 24 hours. The fever started around midnight last night. It broke sometime this morning.

I’m weak. I am tired. I managed to eat some chicken soup and jello today and keep it down.

Vomiting is not fun unless you are on mushrooms.

A long long time ago I ate some psychedelic mushrooms. I then ate some cherries. I then puked red and fusia kaleidoscopic swirling entities into the toilet where I heaved as much as I laughed and was mesmerized that such beautiful red hued colors could come up and out of my stomach hence beginning to dance themselves into fractals within the crystal clear water of the toilet.

Last night was not like that. It was brown. It stunk. And it hurt.

Image credit – “I Did Not Know” by Jessica Doyle, available in her Etsy Art Shop.

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An update on the metallic taste in my mouth

It has since returned ever so slowly until peaking this evening at work.

The day it disappeared I had gargled with listerine and then switched to using another toothpaste the following day. I’m beginning to suspect it isn’t the toothpaste at all but something else.

Most of December I suffered from very bad headaches between my eyes. They went away but were replaced with this awful metallic soapy taste in my mouth. I wonder if the two symptoms are associated.

I googled heavy metal poisoning. I think I may have found the culprit. I must make an appointment to see a dentist or my doctor to get blood tests done. I can’t even breath in without it tasting like I’m breathing in refreshing metallic flavored air. And I do have mercury based fillings in my mouth from years ago.

I am growing tired and I don’t have health insurance to have fillings removed and replaced with a safer alternative.

I find their list of symptoms somewhat disturbing. They make me wonder if I was ever fucked up to begin with, with anxiety or just poisoned with environmental contaminants.

Could it be a copper imbalance?

Have any of you ever had a soapy metallic taste in your mouth? And if you did what did you do to get rid of it please?

It tasted like chewing on pennies and soap

…prior to five days ago.

I suffered unknowingly for close to four weeks
with this awful metallic soapy taste
in my mouth.
No amount of salt could dilute
this abstergent awful pungent state.

I was not ingesting antibiotics
nor was I crunching copper crumbs at breakfast.
As quickly as the onset of this malady hit, it’s remedy
quickly brushed


Sadly, four weeks ago I had purchased a tube of toothpaste

as the one before it
had run out.
Being non brand loyal
I switched and had chose another.

This Tuesday
I bought another brand of toothepaste.
That night my mouth turned saline!
NORMALCY ensued.

Beware people of new and improved
for it may be bad and caustic.
Conglomerates are inventing concoctions;
new whitening sensations
to feed our consuming nation.

White is not all that great
if it comes at the price of homemade chicken stew
tasting akin to poultry conditioning shampoo.


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Solvent based Markers are Dangerous to You and Your Artwork

Who would have known that? I didn’t. DUH!

Last night I was researching markers and pens as I am in the market to purchase a set. I wanted to buy this set from the art store where I work as I do get a nice discount. Sharpie Markers were out of the question as the fumes from them make me feel ill, not high or happy, sick.

Last night I settled on buying a $119 set of 24 Prismacolor Double Ended Markers. I already loved their lightfast colored pencils so why not their markers. I was ecstatic!

I went to work today and during lunch purchased that set of 24 Markers. I was so excited until I brought them home, opened the packaging and then one marker and almost puked. I have a head ache on the right side of my head from that damn Poppy Red Marker. Upon closer inspection of the solvent-based marker itself is a sticker reading Non-toxic. NON TOXIC my ASS! Tomorrow those 24 markers go back to where they belong, locked up in the expensive artist materials jail cabinet.

I’ve re-settled on purchasing Le Plume Double Ended Markers. They are water based, rubber stampers love them, and they won’t kill me or my family members. I’ll continue using Micron, Faber Castell and check into Zig artist pens soon.

1.Markers contain a reservoir of soluble ink that is wicked onto a drawing or writing surface through a felt or nylon tip. With the exception of archival markers, most markers are not lightfast, even if they are classified as permanent.

I work hard folks to use the best artist materials I can afford. I choose artist and archival quality whenever possible. I want to be “DOING” art for a long long time and as such refuse to put my health or other people’s health in danger just for the sake of permanency. My face is so close to the paper when I’m drawing. How do you think I get that detail. I’m sorry, but I’ll not sport an activated carbon mask when drawing. I didn’t like Xylene (found in most white board markers, bingo dabbers, rubber cement, sharpies etc) in Art College and I don’t like it now. Trusting brand alone is not enough today when searching for artist materials.

And worst of all… after some searching I came across this 2.snippet,

Never use solvent based markers on a photocopy or directly on original artwork done with permanent ink! The marker will make the linework smear.

Save yourself and your artwork. CHOOSE waterbased, unscented and acid free whenever possible. Or in the least, go outside to draw or paint. I don’t have that option as we are expecting our 9th or 10th snowstorm tonight.

1. From Blick Art Materials
2. From page 172 of the book, Drawing Shortcuts: Developing Quick Drawing Skills Using Today’s Technology, By Jim Leggitt

UPDATE Found a great artsist safety site aptly named