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Cat poo with a view

missyhauntingLGAs a sentient being a feline must empty it’s bowels just as a human being needs to relieve herself. A cat however is usually trained to do it’s thang in a kitty litter box or other humanly provided poo collection receptacle. Sometimes a cat will poo outside in loose gravel or garden soil. For some reason though, Missy Two Shoes haunts the top of my apartment building leaving in her wake little sun bleached or rain drenched turds for me to collect every few weeks. I would estimate the rooftop to be about 10,000 square feet with the central area being inhabited by two penthouses with the rest being wide open tar paper, bird dropping and overhangs.

Missy prefers to saunter over to the west side of the roof and poop all over the other penthouses unobstructed view of downtown Vancouver. Why she will only pee in her provided kitty litter tray is beyond me. I wouldn’t put it past her though to simply enjoy her poo during the late night view. For she only poops in the middle of the night and has yet after three years of doing so to be caught on film in the midst of pooping. Yet the evidence left behind proves she has the largest self contained kitty litter box potentially in the world… I will contact Guinness. :) lol

Are artists relevant?

##NOLIGHTBOX##mangling causalityAnyone else out there who has a lived a crazy life and thus survived to create with it? Are other artists out there who are not crazy anymore, using their life’s historical events to further their purpose creatively? Are all artists crazy? If you are not crazy, can you be an artist? Do you make money with your art? Can a blog be art? Or is this only relevant to those eyes who behold art that have money? Can words make money?

What happens when art becomes irrelevant, the connection lost to the idea and obedience is the norm? Perhaps the only way not fit into the mold is to not fit into the mold through being crazy. This leads to the question of whether or not art is the creation of thought or causality?

We all put our hands in the air asking why sometimes.

And I say gosh darnit people do love me

Living with mental health problems and being so public about it through this website certainly gives me something to write about. I’m either laughing or crying most days. Every so often though, during a walk down in the valley I reach out in the most unheard of ways possible. How many people are so self centered that they would ask others to answer a questionnaire about themselves?

Hhrhum. cough, cough. me…cough

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Please respond to the following questions?

As human beings do we change over time? Do our inner most souls evolve into something newer sleeker or for that matter slowly rot away into nothingness? Well, I hope not into nothingness yet one never knows what could happen and there is no sense worrying about because there are people in this world who worry enough for the whole world yet are powerless to change it because, it is worry and worry just does not fix a God Damn thing.

Jessica - looking up.So I have some questions. These questions I will ask to everyone who reads my site. Everyone is welcome to answer but only through leaving a comment online. Please don’t send me an email. This site in NOT private. I have nothing to hide. All I want is some help in gaining an understanding of who I am – both the good and the bad. I feel like my life is cycling right now. I don’t want to pedal anymore. I’m asking you all for help please? You can post your comment anonymously if you like and copy and paste the following questions into the comment box. Your comment will come into moderation and I’ll put it live.

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Expect the Unexpected

Blog Herald Logo

Today is featured on the Blog Herald in their How I Blog series. Here is the direct link to my entry submission. Thank you Blog Herald!

For any of you who are unfamiliar with the Blog Herald it is akin to getting your story published in the Vancouver Sun. The more I write and create the more I feel secure in what I’m doing. This domain, my website is a kind of therapy for me. I am learning that I am not alone in my ideas and concepts. There are others like me out there unafraid to write, what truly happens or has happened in their life. Cheers!