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Magna Mater

jessica_doyle_untitledSM.jpgIt is Sunday. I have just woken from a nap. Earlier in the morning Eric drove from the Eastside to Downtown Vancouver to pick my Mom and I up from the hotel. It was 5:30AM then. It was raining then. The first rain Vancouver has seen since the arrival of my mom. My mom is the air now over Canada making her way back to her home in New Brunswick. And I already miss her. We had some breakfast at the airport. It was good. My head was hurting and my mom’s throat was sore. My nose has not stopped running since Tuesday. And yesterday my mom’s nose began running. I was sick with flu or a cold last week. Today it is beginning to end. My mom’s flu or cold is just beginning and now travelling across the country. She caught my Vancouver cold. Between my mom and I we ingested almost a whole bottle of tylenol extra strength this week. The mornings and late evenings were the roughest. The mucous just did not stop. A cough has set in now, telling me it’s almost over. The hot fevers of cold sweat are gone. The joint stiffness is gone.

And my mom is gone. And I miss her.

The sun is shining now. The clouds are dispersed, white and fluffy. The tears we shed are dissapating.

In awe, I am, with the kindred maternal weather system…

Magna Mater

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Chapters of my life, and loving the bounce

Chapter 1

jessicadoyle_sunset.jpgI walked down the sidewalk and
fell into a deep hole.
I couldn’t get out and I couldn’t fugure out why.
It wasn’t my fault.
It took a long time to get out.

Chapter 2

I walked down the sidewalk and
fell into the same hole again.
I couldn’t understand.
It wasn’t my fault.
This time it was easier to get out.

Chapter 3

I walked down the sidewalk and fell into the same hole again.
This time I understood why and it was my fault.
This time it was easier to get out.
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Unedited memories

September 2001. High on weekends.
Homeless so to speak.
inbetween cities
inbetween life
I ran away
I stumbled. hesitated. fractured into too many pieces.
unable to contain them all – but one got away.
I’m still looking for that piece
images, flashes, deformities and laughless.
It was a movie I thought.
I was watching a movie and I thought briefly that I was in a movie watching this movie of two towers blowing up. falling down.
I’m in a starngers house.
His sister calls from LA
We realize we are watching NY
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Hello my name is – the only female columnist at the Blog Herald

Hellomyweeklypostis.gifI am officially the newest columnist to join the Blog Herald team comprising of only men. I just woke up at about 10:30AM Pacific Time. I just read an email I had recieved an from Matt saying my bio post would be posted at 10:30AM Central Time. I missed my own opening! :) There is a very real three hour time difference from Central to Pacific Time. đŸ˜‰

The moon, a woman and a womb

The title says it all. All three are somehow all connected. Three is a crowd, so which one could go allowing the other two, their own personal time. Ghosts. My cat is snoring in her basket beside me on top of the scanner on top of the computer desk. Sleeping.

Ghosts - jessica doyleThere is a full moon outside. The city is brighter and thus calmer but still dark as it is night time here. I need to come up with a name. A name for something that will happen weekly. Something that describes what I write about and will write about. Many many instances have occurred where emotion is all consuming in many different ways. It consumes thoughts of the past. It lays blank the passage to future and now it is just an anxious illusion. One step behind and one step forward; the middle being unseen, stepped over because it is just a dream.

What is with this time of year? September. Do you ever do something you are so excited about doing and actually enjoy what you are doing when fear peaks it’s head in and you hesitate. That small moment of hesitation could turn into weeks of procastination. I wonder if procastination leads to anxiety? Is a full moon and a woman perhaps to blame? Why is it that blame must be acted upon rather than accepting the self as responsible.
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Flickr meets EastVanEsica

_DSC2526sm.jpgAs of today I have more than one photo uploaded to my flickr account. The latest 16 photos are a much needed update to my garden section. The photos were all taken during a sunrise here in East Vancouver.

Here are my photos on Flickr. To visit my old photos one last time click here. They will all be moved over to flickr shortly.

Flickr Plugin Help
If anyone could point me in the direction of how or what to use as a plugin for my homesite to display a flickr photo or set of photos. It would be much appreciated. I did some searches but have come up dry on choosing from the various ones available for a WordPress blog. If you could leave a comment on this post or email me at vanesica{at}shaw{dot}ca.

Thank you :)