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Brian and his drawing

Oddly enough this was the scheduled post for today. The last post Little Brian died today is purely coincidental or is it?

Brian, the boyfriend of my friend Dawn who is very much alive.


Brian’s drawing of CROW. I love giving my pen and journal to people who say they cannot draw. Funny thing is… they always draw or write something within those pages. I have many drawings from other people contained within dozens of journals from years gone by. I’ll create a book someday, entitled DrunkaRds DrawRings.

Brain's crow drawing

About 11 Days Ago I Celebrated

I celebrated quietly. It felt surreal. It felt awkward and good.

Eleven days ago on August 26th, 2007 I celebrated 24 months *sobriety.
I drew a picture; a representation of feelings felt in the midst of quietly laying alone, late that night in bed.

11 days ago I celebrated

Some people know this as I did tell them that day. A handful really, had not much to say.
“Be proud” they reply.

I sigh inwards
and rather deny… the right to be so.

Lightning didn’t strike and the World remains intact, save
for the few orgasmic attacks.

I wonder why I didn’t cry. I wonder why.

*sobriety from GHB which had been my lovely drug of choice