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Day 2 – yelling at people on neighboring penthouse decks

The moving BACK-EAST sale day 2
UPDATED – items no longer available are crossed out

Today and tomorrow (Monday & Tuesday) – rain or shine
Afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00
Evening from 6:00 to 8:00

Buzz #402 at 2228 Franklin St.
Vancouver BC
Click here for the google map to get to my place.


Yesterday despite the torrential rainfalls Vancouver is experiencing I had a nice turn-out for this sale. Al Pasternak author of Bokashi Blog stopped by and purchased some strawberries another odds and ends. We had first met at Northern Voice. Was great to see you again Al. :) He snapped the pic of me above in the rain. Eyes closed. Umbrella in hand. I was disheveled yesterday. Today, I am showered, clean and brought out more things for sale.

My old colour theory instructor stopped by and bought some lilies, the wild rose bush, an iron and other stuff. One woman dismantled the shelf in my storage shed, bought it and also purchased the tools I gave her to use to take it apart.

I didn’t refuse any offers yesterday.(I did refuse the following day on Tuesday). Come and make an offer! Oh and I’ve begun yelling at other people who have rooftop decks in my neighborhood that I am having a sale. You know what, it works.

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The Moving BACK-EAST sale

Moving BACK-EAST Sale
I move East to New Brunswick in 9 days.

Come to my Penthouse Apartment Sale in EastVancouver on Sunday (today – rain or shine).

Ding Sale

I have a large rooftop deck garden that must go. I am taking offers on everything including the contents of the apartment. Haggle with me if you like until we reach an agreement to close the deal.

The point is I want this stuff to find a great home(s), especially the plants, trees, herbs and flowers.

4 things for sale
IKEA furniture
Wooden drafting table
Various Electronics /computer stuff
Shelving – multiple
…and all the odds & ends that could be perfect for you that we all accumulate over the years.

Here is the link to the Google Map to find your way here.
Buzz #402

SUNDAY from 1:00 – 5:00 in the afternoon.
rain or shine

thanks :-)

Losing cats on airplanes and selling it off


I arrived with two suitcases and two carry-ons four years ago. Now, I have a fully furnished two bedroom apartment with mature potted greenery growing outside on the deck.


I need to purchase a large cat pet carrier for Missy as she will be traveling in the airplane’s baggage compartment. The last time she flew in the baggage compartment via Air Canada they lost her and proceeded to drive her all around the city in the back of an Air Canada delivery truck while Eric and I waited in the cargo pick-up terminal while they tracked down Missy for the next four hours.

She had flown by herself from Saint John to Vancouver six months after I had arrived four years ago. The driver of the Delivery truck said he didn’t know the cat was in there until he heard her meowing (screaming) from the trailer’s deep dark recesses. I will be on the same plane as her this trip.

Last night Mom and I noticed online that Air Canada no longer ships pets without their owner’s accompanying them on the same plane. They must have been losing lots of cats.

Driving across Canada, although exciting is not cost efficient. I can fly for $255 as opposed to paying $1500 for gas to drive across this land in a rented vehicle.

Sunday, I’ll be holding a Deck/Apartment sale. Across the street in Pandora Park tomorrow between 1:00PM and 4:00PM there is a party going on. Prime time to harass could-be buyers. I’ll just tape signs up and around where they’ll be partying, visually accosting them gently, of course.

North West View of deck garden in Vancouver.

Today, I’ve been packing items to ship to New Brunswick next week. I’m creating posters of household items for sale and posting it to Craigslist and also on local community walls and telephone poles. The building manager wants everything cleared off the deck. That is the one thing causing concern as I own trees in big wooden barrels. There is no elevator in this building and I live on the top, four flights up. The Japanese Maple is 10 maybe 11 or 12 feet high.

I’m seeding and planting the remaining larger containers and ceramic pots to empty out the smaller starter pots which will be bundled together for sale tomorrow. There will be lettuce, celery, dill, domesticated rose bushes, thyme, oregano, sage, spinach, swiss chard, leeks, red onions, flowering bulbs, wild rose bush, numerous species of lilies, peppermint, pansies, rosemary, strawberries, apple tree, concord grape vine, cedar trees and more.

I’ll be flying out near the end of this month to Saint John. I have two weeks to get it packed, shipped or sold.

Wish me luck and if you’re in the East Vancouver Area tomorrow, pop over to the Pandora Park party and then come buy some plants.

PS – all these outdoor plants would make wonderful Mother’s Day Gifts.

You can contact me using the contact form on this Blog.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers – illustration and contest

Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers - Illustration - JB

Title – Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers
Medium – watercolor, micron 005 pen and colored pencil on cold press watercolor paper
Paper size – 4″X10″ (10.2cm X 25.3cm)
Painting size – 33/16” X 93/16” (8.1cm X 23.3cm)

Artist Statement – These edible flowers have little winged chocolate chip cookie bugs that survive on the nectar of this species. Think of this as an orchid; without each other, neither would survive.

Price – $400CDN ($350US)
Please use the contact form on this Blog to send me your mailing address for shipping. After the paypal payment has been approved and accepted, I will package and mail your purchase the following day.
Thank you.

EDIT – Until I learn how to embed the paypal button you cannot purchase this illustration. In the mean time enter the contest below. Button has been removed.

Close-up of one of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Flowers - JB

This is a rare illustration signed with my married name of JB not JD (Jessica Doyle). I have since divorced and returned to legally signing my maiden name of Doyle. For close to three years I mostly used my legal married name when signing illustration and/or art.

The contest – Can you guess what my married name was?

The Signature - JB 2000 - Can you guess what my married name was? Begins with "B".This contest is open to anyone who does not know me in real life; that is, anyone who has met and spoken with me offline cannot enter this contest. Anyone who knows me solely from being online can enter this contest. As far as I know there exists only a few references containing my married name that begins with the letter B online.

Are you smart enough to find my married name? If you are and you guess the right name with the proper spelling by leaving your guess as a comment on this post, I will email you a 300dpi ready for print jpg of the above Chocolate Chip Cookie Flower illustration for your personal enjoyment.

Happy guessing!

Stressing about starfish – blog update

Ever get close to seeing a goal fulfilled or acted upon and felt the insane pressure, creativity, learning, hyper-metaphysical endurance it takes for one to finally put something for sale on the internet to you, the unknown?

I present Star fish. la la laa

My apologies go out to all the men and women bloggers and human beings in the online/offline world this has affected. My outbursts of emotion and moral indignity have just gotten out of hand. I am a happy woman. Taking a step into the unknown betting, yes, I say betting because I am betting on behalf of mine own ass. I am. And so are all of you. Thus, this is life, learning and commerce and this is undeniably the way of the future.

On a formal note: I’ve chosen to sell my art offblog on other much more financially and spam secure, international artist, crafter and designer seller sites. I am registered with Cafepress, iStockphoto and Etsy.

This blog, this place is where I can be my personality; be me. My artwork for sale will remain offblog on the aforementioned sites i.e. original art, housewares and gifts, apparel and professional quality vector and raster image downloads available in eps, psd, ai and jpg.

I don’t pretend to know how other artists launch their careers online. This is how I am doing it. How’d you do it? OR “How yuu doin’?” in my best Joey Tribianni voice.

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Abstracted sex is for sale now

hand_lowerleftSM.jpgWhy are you doing this? Being an artist is not unlike any other job or carreer path one chooses or is drawn to . Being financially secure and able to pay your rent or student loan debt is what many of us are faced with regardless of your trade or background. To be able to purchase necessities such as food, shelter, supplies for your trade and formost continue to create; utilizing your skills, talent and education to further understand human nature, technology, compassion and emotion culminates into what could be something that others find useful or needed or simply put, can add to and learn from also.

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