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I Won a Blogging Award and lost another

Update – I’ve decided to move both of these awards to my about page from the sidebar.


Seems this Blog of mine has been making the rounds on the Troy Worman Outstanding Blog’s List Meme. Thank you Troy for including Jessica Doyle – emotion creator on that list. Your award is now in the sidebar.

This makes me remember another Blogging award I had won earlier this year that got lost in my move from self-hosting this blog to hosting it on As they do in real life during a move things can and do get lost during an online move.

Liz, the SOB award is respectively placed in the sidebar again. Thank you.

Many links and images are still missing, broken or lost after this move. Please know friends and readers that I am doing my best digging into the archives to fix them. And if you see or notice something that is awry or missing that should be here by all means don’t hesitate to tell me. My email can be found in the upper left sidebar or just leave a comment.

The weekly weigh-in with my alter ego Vanesica

Vanesica - vector rendering - Jessica DoyleThis conversation is between my online/offline self.

Vanesica “How is your diet going?”
Jessica “Who the hell are you?”
Vanesica “I am but one half of you”
Jessica “Can I throw you away then?”

In order of appearance - Jessica, Eric, Tomoko, Ian, Chester and Junko

This week has been a great one for enjoying the great outdoors in Vancouver.

Friday I spent out at Tomoko and Ian’s place. They have cows, two adult goats whom fell in love and had a baby to make three, one collie (nick named Ribs) who ridiculously herds the three goats at all times, and a brand new little kitten. So much fun! They have an adult sized wading pool where we spent much of our time swimming around in to stay cool. They also garden as Eric and I do except they plant directly in the ground where we garden in containers simply because, we are four floors up. Between eating rotisserie BBQ chicken, painting our toe-nails, laughing at the men’s fascination (addiction) to Magic The Gathering (at least they actually play the card game and don’t just buy them, open them up and then put them away as others do) and wandering around the property; it was, an awesome evening/night. Tomoko looks beautiful with her little belly. She is four monthes along now. When Eric and I arrived home I had an email in my inbox from Chester


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This, is only, a website

What better way to start the week off than after a long weekend. And what more can I say than this site is now non-fiction. Everything you now read here could be true. This, is a website. It is only a website.

Frankly speaking it will be more frank. With that said here is the Story Roman Numeral Number One.

She sits on the couch rocking back and forth. Her hands, squeezing a pimple on her bumcheek. She thinks of puppydogs and ribbons in her hair. Perhaps an oddity this thought was, to her though, it spelled amazment that the human brain could think of such a thing as puppydogs and ribbons in her hair.

Tonight she is feeling lonely. Perhaps she will begin to write in the first person. I feel lonely.

Now please remember, all you readers this, is only, a website.

Note: How freeing this will be not to have anyone question me. Simply by stating the fact that what you read here could be real, I in fact will become more creative with my writing. Any insane person would.

Erotic Art – Where did it go?

To all those folks who visit for the erotic art content from AmeaNet or anywhere else; It will, be back soon.

Never fear vagina’s and penises are near!

Above is one of my favorites to keep you occupied visually until my image galleries are fully functioning. You can click on the RSS orange icon beside the Erotica Category in the sidebar for a live feed update. Cheers!

Edit (May 17, 2006) – two images had to be removed due to their inclusion in a painting compeitition.