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14 months is a long time to wait for camera parts

I had purchased this Panasonic 3CCD mini DV / camera 250 as a sobriety gift to myself about 24 months ago. I had saved all the money I would normally have spent on drugs to buy this camera. It cost about a grand at the time of purchase. Fourteen months ago after my mom visited in Vancouver I either misplaced or lost three very important parts; the adapter/charger, the usb chord and a cable that attached the charger to battery to camera.

I had returned to London Drugs to see if I could buy replacement parts (whether they be Panasonic or not) and they said no, not for this particular model. I was floored.

Time went on and my battery ran out.

I eventually began calling local Panasonic dealers and none of them could help.

I moved to Saint John bringing the useless piece of metal and plastic with me.

in the park

In September of this year I began searching online for parts. I first checked Panasonic Canada. USELESS! This site pointed me to other distributor sites scattered around Canada. Some serviced only Panasonic appliances and others who carried my camera did not sell the replacement parts at all or only sold the parts I needed in bundles which would have cost much more than buying them individually.

I typed in I navigated to their support section. I located the model and was flabbergasted that they supplied and sold every screw, adapter, plug, transistor, circuit, bolt, chord and lens cap cover available to any camera they produce. I found everything I needed for a grand total of $49.09 plus shipping. BUT I live in Canada and they only sold to United States residents. I picked up the phone and dialed the 1 800 number hoping Pansonic and not “We’re sorry the number you have dialed does not exist”, would be on the other end.

“Hello, Pansonic, Bob speaking, how can I help you?”
“I live in Canada. Can you sell to me over the phone?”
“Yes, we can.”

I almost shit myself. I read the lengthy part numbers off to the man.

$66.67 and 14 months later I am able to use my camera again. It is the one I am holding in the picture.

This is best Christmas gift ever!
Thank you Mom

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Darren from Deezone is arriving today

Darren is arriving today. He began his journey in Vancouver and is slowly making his way across the country. Well, to the Maritimes that is. His first stop was Toronto, then Moncton and downwards to Saint John (me) and onwards up to Fredericton.

I can’t wait to see him. We attended the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design together from 1992 to 1996. We’ve been friends ever since. Upon my arrival in Vancouver four years ago I lived with him in Gastown until getting settled into my own place.

Darren blogs at Deezone. He’s a fabulous claymation artist. Go and watch him make things move! And don’t forget to check out Beautiful Puppet Agony, an ongoing project of his inspired by none other than the infamous Beautiful Agony.

Here is a sample of Darren and also Junko’s creative clay work. It’s been viewed 137000 times!

Last year I did some voice over work for Darren for his ongoing Porcelaine Philosopher Project, which you can listen to. One of them is called You don’t get paid to be nice. There are three other recordings there of mine. They are unscripted and of my own words. Enjoy!

He’ll be staying with me for two or three days. I’m so excited! I wish I had today off work. I work a 3:00PM to 11:00PM shift. I do however, have both Saturday and Sunday off. Haha!

The Jimmy Swift Band

I saw these guys perform live in Halifax at the Opera House in 2002 or was it 2001… and in Vancouver later…
…those years are a bit blurry.

The Jimmy Swift Band is coming to the Akhord (down on Water Street) in Saint John, New Brunswick on December 08/07. I’ll be there with bell’s on. Well, maybe a hula hoop or two.

Note to self: BOOK the time off work as you deserve to go out and have fun as you have been working your ass off.

LUCIDITY – full feature

I have let go of the chapters.


This film accurately portrays the daily non-trust of myself. Three months ago I wanted to release this movie. Self fear and loathing took over. A relapse of a different kind ensued, that of self denial and anxiety.

This movie was filmed and completed as of December 2004. When I opened it up three monthes ago to ad credits and thus break it into chapters for easy internet viewing, I could only do the first chapter. This is the way I want it to be viewed. Those 10 monthes of acute addiction (3rd relapse) beginning in 2005 are not portrayed in this movie. But maybe, the idea of how I got there, is.

I have been sober of GHB for 465 days. A hundred days have passed since the last count. A hundred more may come to be.

To everyone who reads my site: Sometimes the self is the leading voice against you.

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Lucidity synopsis and 365 days sober today!

Today it has been 365 days since my last cap of GHB. There is a documentary I have been working on for the last two years. It has been edited both soberly and amidst full blown addiction. Today marks the day that I will finish this project by integrating words I wrote beginning with The loss of control of my…
luciditytextSMaller.gifWhat began as a college project has evolved into something much more. This documentary portrays the initial ensuing battle that began three years ago when I first ingested GHB. I attempted three times to sober up. The first and second time respectively, I stayed sober for three weeks each time, only to succumb to FULL BLOWN addiction upon relapsing after the second attempt at sobriety. This third time of sobriety has been one full year in the making. It has tested my strength, stamina and own personal beliefs, morals and ideas.

Below is the synopsis of the timeline behind the scenes of Lucidity, the given name of the film.

lucidityEYE.jpgIn May of 2004 I began filming myself. I was not using GHB 24/7 at this time. I did recognize that something was not right though. I went to my family doctor explaining how I thought I was builing a dependancy on GHB in order to focus, relax and hence sleep at night. I was studying in college after having returned to studying after an eight year hiatus from college working as a graphic artist / illustrator, both as a freelancer and employee of various business’. By the end of the week I gave up GHB upon my doctors advice and suffered no major withdrawal as a consequence. I had only been ingesting two to four caps in the evenings and on weekends at that point. I also began on Celexa. The Celexa had a strange effect on me. My pupils dilated.
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