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Read, observe, absorb and respond

…thru writing so others can read, observe, absorb and respond to it all. I have written before about the realization of being connected. Connected to everyone who has access to the internet; how it can be overwhelming, informative, joyful, heartbreaking and even downright funny. The human race has never had the ability to communicate simultaneously with everyone else. Through TV and radio yes. Tonight though I write this to respond to all those with whom I have visited, read and sometimes left comments on. Do you realize the collective consciousness being formed and embraced by many. Only through fear are those of us not able to communicate or simply do not want to recognize that the internet has changed the world as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence ink drawing and handwriting by artist Jessica Doyle

It is wild to think that I have been all over the world. I have seen people die. I have held witness to people’s most inner most joys. I have cried with people over their personal triumphs and defeats. To be honest I want to keep doing this. I love this. I love human beings. I’m learning we are not all that different. We are only different through color, shape and size. Even communication through writing is evolving so that others who speak a different tongue can still communicate to you, and you to them. Isn’t it time to stop turning on the TV for information and truth? The TV is entertainment for the most part. It is sensationalized to make the most bang as quickly as it can to keep your attention as long as possible. This is not a definite, however, we the general populace of the world can not contribute to the medium of TV nor radio.

You could say that blogs are redefining how we perceive the world to be. It is not just I any longer. It is I and you and your friend and the guy in Asia and the woman in Mexico and the kid in Russia and the niece in Germany or even your grandmother in Canada. Not any one human being is not human. We all gaining the ability to respond, add to and even re-create how traditional is just that; traditional. This is new! I am writing to you. I am voicing my ideas. I am learning how things, people, places and things all interconnect looping around spiralling to infinity.

I know you are sad. I know that you are happy. I know you want the war to end. I know you need a hug. I know you need money. I know you need food. I know you are cold. I know you just lost your father. I know you have gained weight. I know you just learned that you have cancer. I know you have just had a lump removed. I know you are feeling crazy. I know you are all alone. I know you hear bombs dropping. I know you are mad. I know you fell. I know you cried for a long time. I know you walked outside. I know you are a woman in disguise. I know you are a man who loves his children.

We all now, are in the know. We know. Not only a select few know anymore. This is beautiful!

What do we do with what we know?

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This, is only, a website

What better way to start the week off than after a long weekend. And what more can I say than this site is now non-fiction. Everything you now read here could be true. This, is a website. It is only a website.

Frankly speaking it will be more frank. With that said here is the Story Roman Numeral Number One.

She sits on the couch rocking back and forth. Her hands, squeezing a pimple on her bumcheek. She thinks of puppydogs and ribbons in her hair. Perhaps an oddity this thought was, to her though, it spelled amazment that the human brain could think of such a thing as puppydogs and ribbons in her hair.

Tonight she is feeling lonely. Perhaps she will begin to write in the first person. I feel lonely.

Now please remember, all you readers this, is only, a website.

Note: How freeing this will be not to have anyone question me. Simply by stating the fact that what you read here could be real, I in fact will become more creative with my writing. Any insane person would.

Expect the Unexpected

Blog Herald Logo

Today is featured on the Blog Herald in their How I Blog series. Here is the direct link to my entry submission. Thank you Blog Herald!

For any of you who are unfamiliar with the Blog Herald it is akin to getting your story published in the Vancouver Sun. The more I write and create the more I feel secure in what I’m doing. This domain, my website is a kind of therapy for me. I am learning that I am not alone in my ideas and concepts. There are others like me out there unafraid to write, what truly happens or has happened in their life. Cheers!

The Same Name Game – Part 2 – Name Tags and Worth

Hello - My tag is: =^.^= JESSICA =^.^=This is the second post of three in the series the Same Name Game. The First post Same Name Game – Discovery can be read here.

Tag tag everywhere a tag
Marking up the internet, clouding my mind
Tag this, don’t tag that, can’t you click the line

I am just beginning to understand the phenomina of tagging and their apparent value on the web. Tags are more organic than links. They are similar to the way our minds order things through word association alone. My tags are working on this site as of last week for the most part. Beneath every post on this website there are tags (words or short phrases) associated with what the post is about. Tags are similar to a category, however they are not as general but post specific. For instance I have a Categorey named Addiction. Every post within the Addiction Category relates to addiction. I may tag an individual post within the Addiction Category with words such as withdrawal, sobriety, drug, drinking, insight, friends and/or art dependant upon relevance to the post.

I added the tag =^.^= JESSICA =^.^= to the Tags Page on their Free Page Tags 2. Scroll down, down, all the way down to the bottom right hand corner and you will see it. Click it and you will be directed back here to me. Try it! What better advertising than promoting the name Jessica with a cat face on either side for free. Meow!

After reading on Weblog Tools Collection about a simple way to check your domain name’s worth I had to try it myself. The first worthiness test comes from Leapfish. Simply type in your domain name and it will return both a base value and an estimated actual value of your blog or website, based on content and serach engine rankings. The second worthiness test is an applet created by the Business Opportunites Weblog. Type in your URL and it will generate a result based on Technorati link results. To my surprise, is worth $8,894 and $11,854 respectively. The results produced by both sites are very similar even though their calculatory algorythm is different.

Well, this ends the second post in the Series Same Name Game. Next week – The Same Game – Part 3 – AI

Boost your Ego

Last night while meandering around in cyberspace I clicked stumbled upon Egosurf. It is a search engine with a twist. Want to boost your ego if you are feeling sad? Type in a key word plus a domain name and it will present you with search result hits from Google, Yahoo and/or MSN search engines, followed by an ego point score. Technorati and results are still in development stages. When your ego search is complete you can post the results to your site in the form of a button. Beware of their name calling after your search is completed. You could be labeled as ordinary, passable, wasted, so-so or even stuck up! My ego button is at the top left of this site 😉 LOL! The key words “Emotion Creator” returned the largest ego boost for

Same Name Game – Part 1 – Discovery

Age four drawing - Jessica - 1977Little did my mother know that as the years progressed the name Jessica would become one of the most popular names given to females born in North America from 1980 onwards and across the Atlantic in the UK after the new millenium. Until reaching grade 10, I had not met nor heard of another Jessica. How odd it was around age 16 (1989) to hear someone calling out the name Jessica in a shopping mall or park and turn to see a toddler running by. Growing up it was impossible to find any trinket, be it a pencil or sign that bore the name Jessica. My mom and I created our own. The drawing on the left I drew and printed at age four (1977). It is the earliest drawing I have of mine (showing both front and back). Upon entering my late teens the stores became flooded with Jessica printed on everything! Whoah! My mom bought me the pencils and the standard bedroom door sign.

Jessica has its own wiki page. Whenever one does a search for Jessica in any search engine, more than likely it will return Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba pages. How do other Jessica’s compete with Hollywood Jessica’s? By choosing a domain name displaying their full given name. My full name and country of origin are visable and hence recognizable just from to anyone searching the web. What was unexpected back in Septemebr 2004 when I first registered, that there are actually other Jessica Doyle’s lurking about waiting to steal my lime light. Well, no, they are not stealing my lime light but they are competing with me for top search results on google. Simply type in Jessica Doyle, click and view the results. I’m happy to say that comes up in the top three search results, 99% of the time. The First Lady of Wisconsin seems to be my major competitor in search engine rankings. After all Jessica stands for forsight and clairvoyance. Maybe I will add my name to the wiki someday. began as my artsist portfolio site. The original two sites have since been removed completely from the server. They were nice, but they were static. People would stop by once and never again. This was upsetting – I wanted interaction. How delighted I was back in February of this year to discover blogs and more importantly how they worked behind the scenes – an epiphany! I spent the next four weeks researching, reading and learning all I could about Movable Type, WordPress and even tryed my hand at Drupal, however the latter was too advanced for my comprehension of content management systems and what I needed to use it for. I decided on WordPress which is classified as a Blogging CMS after testing thoroughly the live demos provided by Open Source CMS. It seemed natural for to make the move to a CMS from a staitic website. I have been creating content for nearly 30 years. I knew of blogs, read blogs yet was stumped on how they worked. Truth be told I was growing tired of writing and/or drawing daily, year after year, not having any forum to share my creations through. WordPress cought my eye early on and held my attention – it powers my blog. And what a beautiful CMS it is 😉 Into the unkown I journeyed. You can read my first post here.

How happy am I to have found a new Medium to express myself with; to create anew and recreate past works into a digital reality through linking, clicking, learning, sharing, submitting, commenting, coding, feeding and growing. The name game begins… how fun! This is like discovering crayons for the first time. How has blogging affected you?

Part two of Same Name Game coming soon – Name tags and worth