I wish this paper held more meaning or why income tax should be abolished

Last night I began the task of sorting all my papers from 2010 into piles. There are shipping cost piles, art supply piles, utility bill piles, packaging supply piles, energy pile, gas pile, two insurance piles, an oil pile, cleaning supply pile, mortgage pile, car cost pile, an office supply pile, printing supply pile, sale […]

No smoking is healthy or is it?

My mind has begun to play tricks on me. My mind can get pretty sick at times. The loneliness and social withdrawal keep me stuck in this infinite loop of stopping and starting only to stop and start once again. I need to ask your permission to write freely on this blog for a while […]

The Medicine of Duck Duck Goose

So thank you everyone for the kind words and for sharing your hypothyroidism stories here on the blog, on Google Buzz and in email with me. The hardest part in all of this is accepting it and thus moving forward with changes I must make to my daily routines and eating habits. I have many […]


You know, this is likely the page I ponder most yet update least on this blog. If you could see my desk at the moment you’d understand how difficult it is to write a few paragraphs about oneself when she is copiously preoccupied with everything else but that which is in front of her. Life […]