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And the Winner is… and in Other News…

So after unsuccessfully contacting the first name drawn I did get through to the second name I drew.

Congratulations to Range of Canada from Memoirs on a Rainy Day. He won the Mother Goose is Loose Print. I’ll be mailing it off to you tomorrow. Hope you like it. Thank you everyone for entering.

In other news another contest on another blog. RavenX of Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder asked if I would do an interview with her. I said yes. As part of the interview I am giving away a print of Sexy Red Toes.

You can enter here to win.


Milton the Fish

He’s cute eh!

I created prints of Milton. They look identical to the original and are available in three different sizes for in my shop. He’s one of my best sellers!

Milton the Fish

I took a chance and submitted Milton to a flick group called Cutable. This was the first creation I submitted to that group. He made the front page of the Cutable Blog the following morning.

This original was drawn with india ink, lightfast colored pencil and painted with Windsor and Newton Watercolor on Cold press arches watercolor paper.

I’ve Aquired a DOTcom

I am now the proud owner of http://jessicadoyle.com.

Go ahead and click it. It’s fun.
Click,Click, CLICK!

Back in 2004 I registered the domain name of http://jessicadoyle.CA thinking it sounded and read more eloquently than jessicadoyle.COM. It also told what country I resided in. To own a DOTca one must reside in Canada. So, I didn’t blink an eye at not registering the DOTcom.

A couple of years later, I realized I needed, no wanted the DOTcom because there are a lot of Jessica Doyle’s in the world. Wow. And many of us are artists practicing our craft using various mediums.

Let me tell you navigating Enom.com is no easy task. And bidding and waiting in anticipation to see if you win the auction is enough to cause a major anxiety attack. For the first two days I was the only bidder. Then there were two. I held fast chewing my cheeks. That second bidder which perhaps was a ploy to get me to up my bid disappeared on the final day of the auction.

I won that auction back in February. Yes, I’ve owned the DOTcom for 3 months. It now redirects here to this blog along with the DOTca.

I discovered quite by accident that JessicaDoyle.com was heading for the chopping block back in December during some random Google searches. I thought about pre-registering with GoDaddy.com to try to get it during the drop then realized that was a money grab on their part (how dirty of them) and quickly turned my attention to the Whois info. I read everything I could and asked for advice from a few online friends and my research and diligence paid off.

I have future plans for the DOTcom. At the moment it will point here until I am able to proceed with those plans. I’m just happy to have finally figured out how to get the blasted sponsored insurance ads off of it and point it to here to it’s rightful home.


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Happy Belated Blogiversary and the Much Anticipated Newly Written Comment Policy

This blog is just over two years old this month. March 5th marked her two year anniversary.

Happy Birthday!

Whhooooooooooohooooooo and the crowd goes wild!

Here is the link to the first post I published to this blog.

To celebrate I am writing her comment policy.

This is my blog. Respect my home. Be honest. Be genuine and above all stay on topic. Don’t drop un-solicited links in the comments of this blog unless they were indeed asked for within the post or add to the post in a natural progression kind of way.

Talk as much or as little as you want. Talk with the others who leave comments on this blog if you like.

I read all comments on this Blog. I will respond to most of them. There may be times when I don’t because life got in the way, some things are better left unsaid or I’m really pissed at you! haha.

A pic

I reserve the right to delete your comment if it is hateful, demeaning or inhuman and spammy. I will not edit your comment for grammar. Your comment belongs to you except I house it! Don’t be dumb. Use a spell check! Remember that whatever you write here shows up in public Google searches worldwide. Copyright infringement is your responsibility within your own comment. I will not be held accountable for any laws broken or illegal activity that takes place within your comment.

I do however reserve the right to use your comment in any way I want. You chose to leave your words here purposefully. I can use it as fodder. I can use it for inspiration. I can duplicate if for artistic purposes and you will receive credit only when credit is due.

I don’t only approve positive comments. We all get angry.

As I continue editing past posts for grammar and updating broken links that were lost in the move, I’ll also be taking a good look at the comments. I know there are some spammy ones that got through my filters and they will be deleted forever.

I will never share your personal email or IP address with anyone. Unless the police come knocking on my door one stormy night, tie me up, feed me truth serum forcing me to recite all my passwords in rhyme and take my computer or you are spam.

I will never spam you. I will mark you as spam if you continue to break the rules after fair warning has been given. If you are spam you could be shared with the world in a most inhuman way.

That sums it up friends. 99% of you already know and respect the above things. It is an unspoken Blogger code of conduct perhaps one learns after Blogging for a few months.

A good rule of thumb is this, if you wouldn’t say or do it in real life then why the hell would you do so online? Think about that.

This comment policy will be linked to from my about page. The photo was taken by a friend this past NYE.

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I Won a Blogging Award and lost another

Update – I’ve decided to move both of these awards to my about page from the sidebar.


Seems this Blog of mine has been making the rounds on the Troy Worman Outstanding Blog’s List Meme. Thank you Troy for including Jessica Doyle – emotion creator on that list. Your award is now in the sidebar.

This makes me remember another Blogging award I had won earlier this year that got lost in my move from self-hosting this blog to hosting it on WordPress.com. As they do in real life during a move things can and do get lost during an online move.

Liz, the SOB award is respectively placed in the sidebar again. Thank you.

Many links and images are still missing, broken or lost after this move. Please know friends and readers that I am doing my best digging into the archives to fix them. And if you see or notice something that is awry or missing that should be here by all means don’t hesitate to tell me. My email can be found in the upper left sidebar or just leave a comment.

Updating this blog to reflect

I am currently updating my blog to reflect my values, interests and passions. The Blogs I Read list on the front page sidebar are Blogs and sites I read regularly; meaning I read them sometimes once or more per day or I read them once a week, a month… (usually multiple posts at a time this way) and I read them because I am inspired by the Bloggers who create there. If you enjoy what you read here consider visiting them too.

On the links page, I list the Blogs I Read again. Below them are Blogrolling links; linking this Blog to other Blogs that I have something in common with. We share a love of gardening. We share being Canadian. We are artists. We are female. I will continue to ad them because it is cool to see a Blogroll that shares a common interest with this blog. These Blogrolls are human edited. There is enough overlap of bloggers and readers to a certain Blogroll to ween out dead links and spam. Bloggers linking together this way gives you another approach to searching the Blogosphere naturally. Currently I only am linked through the, I am Canadian Blogroll.

I have installed Snap Preview on this Blog – jessicadoyle.ca. Any link you hover above, you will see a preview of it, before you click out. This service is impressive. This service is free for Bloggers to use. It gives Internet users the ability to choose before clicking out. Snap Preview does not load if you happen to mouse over a link quickly but randomly (for me anyways), there is a tiny delay in load time. This is good for us. Only if you hover for a little larger smidgen of Internet-attention-span time will the preview begin to load.

Expect these links and Blogrolling links to be adjusted as my interests in the Blogosphere change. If you find your link removed please understand that it is in no way an attack on you personally. More than likely, I like to read your blog still, but need to calm the appearance of this Blog for my readers.

I am learning to adapt to using an RSS reader. You’ll probably find that I am subscribed to your blog instead. I am also learning about bookmarks using Delicious. I may install a delicious bookmarks link here.

This is part of my Blog housecleaning. I have strong interests in honesty, art creation and collaboration along with great creative writers. My offline and my online life co-exist. I am an artist. When things become unmanageable in either, one must stop, look inside herself and begin anew learning from both the good and not so good experiences that previously occurred. As with my deck garden I am clearing away debris from both my household and blog.

I am feeling well today. I am looking forward to learning again. February is just around the corner. May it be a month of honest reflection, sanctuary and sharing.

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