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You are invited…

…to my home.

For a Merry Christmas open studio & art sale
Friday, December 4, 2009 – 7:00PM to 9:00PM
Saturday, December 5, 2009 – 11:00AM to 4:00PM

Hope you can make it even just to say hi to Milton the Fish!

Original artwork & illustrations, matted prints, framed art, open and limited edition prints, miniature prints, 2010 Art calendars, regular and miniature greeting card sets and handpainted art boxes will be on hand.

Oh and ho ho ho!
My address is 40 Park Avenue
Saint John, NB

There is plenty of free off street parking or if you are taking the bus my house sits directly on the East/West bus routes.

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Merry Merry!

Thoughts on that Christmas Art Show at Harbour Station

Well, now that a few days have passed, my mind seems to be calming from the experience of prepping, setting up, selling, tearing down and unpacking from the Art’s and Craft’s Sale held at Harbour Station this past weekend.

I’m not sure if my mind has calmed much if at all. It seems to be on hyperdrive these last few weeks between trying to find new tenants, managing this household and selling on Etsy and wondering where I fit into this world.

I guess I fit right here in my home, both online and offline. :)

The show was good. Not as good financially as I had hoped for as I am short two tenants but not as bad as it could have been. My booth display needs work for future shows yet it was presentable and people saw my artwork, commented and bought. That in itself; the getting of feedback and of having your work received by a public you’ve sheltered yourself from, for so long was invigorating, exciting and downright thrilling at times.

I met some fantastic people who surprisingly either follow my blog and/or new of my Etsy shop and dropped by to say so. I met students of art, mothers and daughters, my ex-husband, extended family members namely cousins (as I have close to 40 first cousins), old school mates from secondary school, other artists and crafters, shop owners and a few folks from government art agencies and many new faces! It was so nice to meet, talk with and see you all!

And I earned enough that I was able to pay a bit to both my Mom and Dad and Tricia for their help during the weekend. That felt great!

I’ll be doing it all over again in 2010 having booked and paid a deposit to reserve my spot for then. Hope to see you next year! Until then my online art shop found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/JessicaDoyle is open 24/7 and whatever you order is carefully packaged by me and shipped directly to your home from mine.

Cheers! Thanks everyone! xo

Do keep in mind that online Holiday Shipping and Ordering Deadlines are approaching quickly.

Happy Holiday Ordering Deadlines

Unlike, in the world of offline shopping one can literally shop inside warm stores until December 24th and still have time to package and deliver that gift to it’s special recipient in time for holiday gift giving. Well, this scenario does not hold true for online shopping… however you do get to shop from the comfort of your own home and in return you’ll receive a beautifully packaged piece of artwork delivered right to your door.

Please do take a moment and read the following and place your order early while my stock lasts. I ship from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and will be making extra runs to the post office daily, if needed (and I hope it’s needed) over the next couple of weeks.

Ordering Deadlines are as follows from my Etsy Shop:

If you live in Canada – December 15th
If you live in the United States – December 5th
If you live in Australia or New Zealand – November 28th
If you live in Asia – November 28th
If you live in Africa – November 20th
If you live in South America – November 20th
If you live in Central America – November 20th
If you live in Europe – November 28th

I do offer Expedited, Xpress and Priority Shipping if you miss these ordering deadlines. Simply contact me on Etsy for the applicable rates to your country of residence and I’ll adjust the shipping on the listing(s) you would like to order. Anything is possible! I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you need it quick like today… let me know and I’ll get it there for you.

Even with these deadlines in place there is an itsy bitsy minuscule chance that while crossing an international border your order could get held up in customs or experience postal delays within your own country. While I hope this does not happen it is really beyond my control if it does. About one percent of my orders do arrive late for these reasons which is a very good statistic and shipping record :) BUT all 900 plus orders that I’ve shipped out do arrive to their final destinations.

My customer feedback is 100% positive and I work hard to keep it that way. Please order in confidence knowing that I want you to be as happy with your order as I am when creating, packaging and shipping it for you.

The main art shop – JessicaDoyle
The darker art shop – HangsaLittleLeft


If there is something in my art shop that you would like more than one of such as a print, card or calendar just contact me on Etsy and I’ll adjust the quantity available for you to purchase in the listing if I have more than one in stock.

Loaded Christmas Cactus!

Have you ever seen so many buds on a Christmas Cactus?

My mom gave me this cactus when I moved into my house a few months ago. She has three or four of them growing in her house. I sat the cactus in the sun room and forgot about it. I really did forget about it. I didn’t water it. I didn’t talk to it. I didn’t touch it.

About a month ago my mom was visiting as she has been known to do on occasion and walked into the sunroom and quickly stomped out of the sun room through the living room and into my studio horrified, cactus in hand exclaiming “IT NEEDS WATER!” I looked at it all withered and spiny and starving and giggled “Mom it’s a cactus and not a succulent.”

She placed it back on the corner stand where it was originally dieing. That night I went over and looked at Herbert (yeah, I’ll call him Herbert) thinking, maybe you do need a little water. I carried him into the kitchen, filled a bowl of water and sat him in it. He drank for a good hour and afterwords I returned him to that corner stand in the sun room.

Two weeks ago, Herbert had little itty bitty buds. I gave him more water and moved him into the living room.

Today he’s full of buds! And he’ll likely bloom right around Birthday time and not Christmas time.

Artist Tip #21 – How I created children’s paper scrap packs for Christmas gifts

Last night I assembled three paper scrap packs for my nieces; ages three, six and eight.

If you are like me you have many many paper scraps, oops prints and papers that are too small to use. I cut down a larger sheet of cardboard with teddy bears printed on it which now doubles as the backing inside the 8×10 inch plastic bag. The resealable plastic bags are the same ones I use to seal my art and reproductions in. A ziplock baggy would work fine to.

I dug out my medium paper scrap box finding all the pretty paper I could and cut any rough edges square and did the same with the paper from the miniature scrap collection. Next, I sifted through oops and test prints and placed five or six in each bag.

scrap pack - jessica doyle

I cut down one strip of blank stickers and wrote on the back “Draw your own Stickers” and drew the first two for them so they could colour them in.

Lastly I made four packs of itsy bitsy mini blank greeting cards with envelopes for them to draw on. I recycled used kraft mailers to make the mini envelopes and found some shiny red paper to create the envelope seals with. I threw in a glue stick and then sealed each bag.


They look fantastic! I hope they like them :)

Last Artist Tip – How to draw a miniature in 5 easy steps

Etsy Elves in Indonesia are Helping Me Package this Christmas

Yesterday this email from Christopher Dewan of The Urban Sherpa arrived. He had found me about a week ago via Gawker Artists and proceeded to add me as a friend on Facebook and I in turn added him.

He bought Do You Love Me from the shop yesterday. I emailed him saying thank you and that his order would be packaged today and mailed out to him on Wednesday.

He responded:

Oh, hi! For some reason, I guess I didn’t expect that order would go straight to you. I guess I figured, I don’t know, you had “people” for that — a great big art warehouse in Indonesia, or Etsy elves; and then you’d just get a big fat monthly check in the mail from them. Or something. I guess I’m naive…

Well, I work in a studio that up until very recently doubled as my bedroom. My helpers are two cats named Missy Two Shoes and Cat McGandy.

I print, cut, assemble, create and package everything for sale in my shop while the cats meow Silent Night and frollick to Jingle Bell Rock.

Thanks Christopher for making me laugh!

Christopher’s email made me think of Knife Gun Pen’s poem, The Four Hundred Hour Workweek and then of Chartreuse’s blog post, The Laymans guide to the End of the World Part One.

I like being small.


Artist Tip #6 – Why you should save your used Christmas wrapping paper

Artist Tip #6 – Why you should save your used Christmas wrapping paper

The obvious reason is to re-use the larger pieces next year when wrapping your 2008 Christmas gifts. And rather than throwing the smaller pieces out with the trash, consider them for creative collage purposes or as fire starter in your wood stove, furnace or fireplace if you happen to live in a colder winter climate as I do. It is already shredded and balled up ready for use.

Next weeks tip – What do you do with that dormant artwork piled in your closet?

Last Week’s Tip

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