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Loaded Christmas Cactus!

Have you ever seen so many buds on a Christmas Cactus?

My mom gave me this cactus when I moved into my house a few months ago. She has three or four of them growing in her house. I sat the cactus in the sun room and forgot about it. I really did forget about it. I didn’t water it. I didn’t talk to it. I didn’t touch it.

About a month ago my mom was visiting as she has been known to do on occasion and walked into the sunroom and quickly stomped out of the sun room through the living room and into my studio horrified, cactus in hand exclaiming “IT NEEDS WATER!” I looked at it all withered and spiny and starving and giggled “Mom it’s a cactus and not a succulent.”

She placed it back on the corner stand where it was originally dieing. That night I went over and looked at Herbert (yeah, I’ll call him Herbert) thinking, maybe you do need a little water. I carried him into the kitchen, filled a bowl of water and sat him in it. He drank for a good hour and afterwords I returned him to that corner stand in the sun room.

Two weeks ago, Herbert had little itty bitty buds. I gave him more water and moved him into the living room.

Today he’s full of buds! And he’ll likely bloom right around Birthday time and not Christmas time.

lou says – 02.08.52

lou says: (02:08:52)

good morning

lou says: (02:08:59)

are you there??

EastVanEsica says: (02:14:42)

Hi I’m here now

EastVanEsica says: (02:14:54)

was in the washroom

lou says: (02:15:09)

ah i was just sending you an email its not finished but i’ll send it anyway

EastVanEsica says: (02:15:16)

sold the apple tree and concord grapevine

EastVanEsica says: (02:15:18)


lou says: (02:15:21)


EastVanEsica says: (02:15:23)


EastVanEsica says: (02:15:35)

made 200 today

EastVanEsica says: (02:15:41)

205 actually

lou says: (02:15:47)

did you convince them to buy something else

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