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There is a house or apartment complex burning very very close to where I live right now. Vancouver. Canada.

Fire-trucks are everywhere. The alarm in my building just went off too. I just came back upstairs after packing my cat into a basket and running down all the stairs. Then the alarm decided to stop. We all poured back into the building only to hear another alarm going off down on the main floor. I’m heading out down the street. The noise is getting immense. All the alarms have stopped in my building.
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I kissed them all good night while a white masked soul lay dormant in the moonlight.

I was walking home from the Burlesque show I had been in attendance of and lying on the grass was this man. This man had on a white mask. He had on a white cowboy hat. He was wearing a reddish burgundy plaid shirt and dark navy bluejeans. To top it off he wore some snakeskin cowboy boots. I walked by. Then stoped, flipped around and walked to the man on the grass. He was slumped over laying down heavy upon the ground. Eyes closed with no bodily movement, I say “HEY guy”…

“Hey dude”.
“Buddy”. Ahhhhhhhh.

I’ll run upstairs, call the police. I was looking at the side entrance to the building I lived in. Um. Sweat was dripping down my forhead now. I had been walking for 30 minutes. What do I do. Call the police Jessica. Touch him. Shake him. No I better not. He’s breathing. Belly -up. Belly-down. It is 2:00AM in the morning, there are firecrackers going off in the distance. BOOM. Crack…. pssssssss.
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