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Trust Each Moment as it is – a year coming into focus

This year I will thrive to trust each moment as it is. This image is one I play with often. Walking is in our nature. Our footprints are our past. The future is every step one takes. The present is in choice.

Trust Each Moment As It is - eastvanesica - 2007

Trust Each Moment as it is was originally rendered as an assignment to create a screen image for our computers. Feet fascinate me, in the way they choose what direction to go in. They represent our connection to the earth. We are all connected by the soles of our feet.

I continue to use images from my past to create with. I believe it may be the first time in my life I feel this urge to pick up where I left off on paintings, digital renderings, poems ideas. In past years I have attempted to do it all at once. I can’t do that. This is not so much a matter of needing to slow down as it a matter of priority to dig a little deeper into the crevices for the dirt that needs cleaning.

So can a piece of artwork ever be finished? This year, that, is my focus.