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Darren from Deezone is arriving today

Darren is arriving today. He began his journey in Vancouver and is slowly making his way across the country. Well, to the Maritimes that is. His first stop was Toronto, then Moncton and downwards to Saint John (me) and onwards up to Fredericton.

I can’t wait to see him. We attended the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design together from 1992 to 1996. We’ve been friends ever since. Upon my arrival in Vancouver four years ago I lived with him in Gastown until getting settled into my own place.

Darren blogs at Deezone. He’s a fabulous claymation artist. Go and watch him make things move! And don’t forget to check out Beautiful Puppet Agony, an ongoing project of his inspired by none other than the infamous Beautiful Agony.

Here is a sample of Darren and also Junko’s creative clay work. It’s been viewed 137000 times!

Last year I did some voice over work for Darren for his ongoing Porcelaine Philosopher Project, which you can listen to. One of them is called You don’t get paid to be nice. There are three other recordings there of mine. They are unscripted and of my own words. Enjoy!

He’ll be staying with me for two or three days. I’m so excited! I wish I had today off work. I work a 3:00PM to 11:00PM shift. I do however, have both Saturday and Sunday off. Haha!

For my friend Ana

A Christmas Card arrived for me in the mail in December 2006. I opened it. I looked at it. I read it. I looked at it again and most days including today, I remember it. The card was mailed to me from Ana. This card arrived during a time when I was very alone. I did not mail her a Christmas Card, although I had agreed with her to do so earlier that month on her Blog, Bonitainpink.

    I am so sorry Anna.

    I didn’t have the strength to mail one to you. Christmas passed. And I feel bad. I have quietly visited your Blog four or five times, and am happy to see you are pregnant.

    I felt like I was on a *bad-hit-of-E for the greater part of December 2006 and this January of 2007 due to circumstances beyond my control both online and offline. Ana, I retreated. The Christmas Card you sent was one of five I received for Christmas last year. I was so happy to open it. It is pretty neat to know you exist in real life. That hit me. I miss you Anna.

    Please forgive me.


*The only way I am able to describe the cumulative effect experiences beyond my control, were having on my psyche during that period of time to today.