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The Weigh In!

This is a late post however it’s got motion in the form of hula hooping at dusk! Can’t weigh myself and did not take my measurements this week. In lieu of the measurments I put together a little film of photos of myself and Eric hula hooping last night on our deck to prove we are active. Also check out my recent garden updates and previous weigh in posts. Hope everyone else is doing well with The Diet!

Jessica and Eric – Hula Hooping – June 12, 2006.

Enjoy the stop motion movie!

Week 1 Weigh in – Jessica

This is very new to me, that is the having to lose weight. My weight tended to fluctuate between 115 and 130lbs for the most part, during the whole decade of my twenties. However when I reached age 30 my weight range averaged between 125 to 145lbs. Now at age 32 my weight as of my last doctors appointment was 160lbs. OMG!

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