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Christopher the Fish – India Ink Drawing

It’s been a while since I introduced a new fish to the family. I finished drawing this male fish last weekend and was stumped at what to name him. Later that day, I was thinking about a friend of mine while out walking and the fish just suited his personae. So, without further adieu… I present Christopher the Fish. Isn’t he darling!

He measures 5×7 inches (12,7cm by 17,8cm) and was created with india ink and opaque white ink on grey Ingris paper.

You can buy Christopher and hang him on your wall!

By the way, Christopher writes at The Urban Sherpa and also will be launching the first edition of 3 Blind Elephants, a new media literary journal in December. He is accpepting submissions until October 31st for the first issue.

Pussy Willows – 7 New Drawings

I love Spring. Life in general seems easier. No more snow to shovel. It’s finally melting by the way. Trees begin to blossom and flourish giving birth to new ideas, adventures and it all just makes me happy.

Pussy Willow ACEO original art by artist Jessica Doyle

Each original Pussy Willow drawing was created with india ink, sepia hued ink and opaque white ink on various cardstock that I house in the studio.

Pussy Willow ACEO original art by artist Jessica Doyle

It’s amazing how using the same technique and colours on various papers yields a different effect and result each time.

Pussy Willows 5x7 inch original fine art by artist Jessica Doyle

Each can be found and purchased in print format and also a few of the original drawings are still available for purchase in my Art Shop. Simply do a search for “Pussy Willow” once there to bring up the both the originals and prints.

Happy Spring Everyone!

Feeling Disconnected – New Ink Drawing

We all feel disconnected from ourselves and even with the world that surrounds us during moments of sorrow, loss or simply because we are overwhelmed. Know this though, you are not alone with those feelings of anxiety or hopelessness as we all from time to time do feel this way.

Take comfort in knowing that every emotion and feeling that you experience will pass, evolving into yet another that in turn to, will adapt and ever change again.

We are human; and that IS what connects us all.

I created prints of this ink drawing today, for sale on HangsaLittleLeft.

The Wise Barnacle and a Brief Synopsis on How he Came to be an Older Brother

This is the Sassy Sea Urchin‘s Brother, whom is much the wiser and older than she.

Mr. Wise began as an archival ink drawing, rendered with micron 005 nib pen; the smallest nib one can buy. I scanned him in at an obscenely high resolution and began colouring in Adobe Photoshop. Colouring sounds so child-like and in essence that is what I have done. Four days and 18 Photoshop layers later he is complete.

The Wise Barnacle

For consistency sake I added a similar shadow to make him pop off the page and carried the same colour pallet over from Miss. Urchin. And as I hadn’t shown a close-up of Miss. Urchin, here she is.

Sassy Sea Urchin

By the way, I almost called Mr. Wise the Bitchin’ Barnacle! YAH!

Both are available in my shop in 5×5 and 8×8 inch size. The Sassy Sea Urchin has moved on to become my best seller. When I opened my shop, never in my wildest dreams imagined that one illustration would outshine the rest and she did just that, last month. Thank you to everyone who purchased her and left me such wonderful feedback.

They each were born side by side as original ink drawings in one of my journals that were drawn on Wreck Beach in Vancouver, BC.

Original Micron pen ink drawings of Sassy Sea Urchin and the Wsie Barnacle by Jessica Doyle


Puzzled Stiletto Shoe

Stare at the Flower Staring at the Cactus on the Shoe

Title – Puzzled Stiletto Shoe

Medium – Ink on Fabriano Paper with some colour added in Photoshop

Artist’s Statement from EastVanEsica
Stare at the
flower staring @
at the cactus
on the shoe

Update – This drawing initially lead to the creation of another drawing which I posted to the Blog Herald, entitled Echo Chamber Drawing. Bloggers in particular will get a kick out of it. 😉 Myself, I do not enjoy reading the same topic over and over again on many blogs unless the blogger has added her own voice and opinion to the topic and/or includes some new found facts. The happy face and cacti have been carried over that drawing.