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My whimsical artwork is featured on locket sets in the Uncommon Goods Catalog…

…along with Unusual artwork by Christy Zaragoza and Nature artwork by Holly Ward Bimba. Each set of lockets features five different interchangeable lids.

This was one of the huge secrets I’ve been keeping from you for months until the catalog came out! You can also find the sets of lockets which are handmade by Polarity on the Uncommon Goods Website.

Happy Day!

If you or your company is interested in licensing my artwork for use on your product do drop me a line.

The Four Seasons Tree Series is now Featured on a Polarity LOCKET SET

A little while back I announced that the Sassy Sea Urchin and George the Fish were available on a recycled locket set by Polarity. They are no longer available due to some exciting news which I can’t tell you about… yet.


To take their place I offered Polarity the rights to use the Four Seasons Tree Series to feature on a locket set with four interchangeable lids. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall…


The set is stunning and for sale in my shop now!


And if you are looking for the Four Seasons archival print sets (8×8 inch and 5×5 inch size) they can be found in the Print Sets Section of my shop.

Polarity also writes and authors a fantastic blog! Go and say hi to her!

Recycled Magnetic Sea Life LOCKET SET – A Collaboration with Artist Polarity

A couple of weeks ago Cat AKA Polarity a fantastic jewelry artist on Etsy contacted me to collaborate on a new line of recycled artist lockets she was introducing into her shop. This is the result of that collaboration!
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Star of the East – custom design work

front card staroftheeast design by jessica doyle

In September, Esther and Estalla from Turkey of Star of the East contacted me about doing a business card for them featuring the Sassy Sea Urchin illustration of mine.

back card staroftheeast design by jessica doyle

And I agreed. Their jewelry is whimsically detailed and my illustrations seemed to jive well with their beautiful style.

star of the east jewelry

star of the east jewelry

star of the east jewelry

I began working on the design initially using the Sassy Sea Urchin. I thought it out more then migrated the design to an existing starfish illustration that worked better for their own identity and name than the urchin. I am so pleased with the result and so are they.

It was great working with you both! Thank you.

star of the east jewelry

Go and visit their shop here
You read their blog here

star of the east jewelry