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Valentine’s Day Remix Edition – Top 10 Love List

Over the years I’ve published numerous posts and artwork related to love, hearts and Valentines along with the broken, sad and less spoken about kind to.

Love is wonderful and giddy

1. Happy Valentine’s Day

Love feels sad yet hopeful

2. For Uma in New York and Rick in Fredericton

Love draws little swirls of joy

3. This flamboyant heart says Happy Valentin’s Day!

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Goals for 2009 and Happy HAPPY New Year

  1. Get my site off of WordPress.com and back to self-hosting
  2. Increase sales in the shop to 5-10 per day
  3. Fall in Love
  4. Buy a 4-Family home in Uptown Saint John, live in one unit and rent the other three out
  5. Blog 7 to 15 times per month
  6. Update Flickr 2 to 3 times per week
  7. Finish paying off massive 11 year Student loan debt – I’m so close I can taste it!
  8. Introduce Flat rate shipping into the shop
  9. Introduce ready to hang Stretched Canvas prints and larger sized prints into the shop
  10. Introduce new art (yes, I’ve been busy creating new pieces)
  11. Get to four years sober off of GHB in August
  12. Do not develop another addiction
  13. Hire a housekeeper once per week once I’m in my new pad because as my art is created clean, neat and tidy and shipped out to you in the same way my housekeeping skills are not so
  14. Do 2 small custom design jobs per month
  15. Sell 1 large original artwork per month
  16. Be featured in the local newspaper
  17. Be featured in a National women’s magazine
  18. Be featured on a huge blog
  19. After Falling in love maybe make a baby
  20. After massive student loan debt is paid off continue to live debt free except for paying the mortgage which will be paid off by tenants which will in turn, turn into my own financial security in 25 years when I retire
  21. Maintain healthy weight of 130 to 135lbs
  22. Take a 2 week long vacation
  23. OLDisNEW vintage will be getting a massive update
  24. Earn more than poverty level income in Canada for the first time in four years
  25. Most of all I will continue to strive to be happy and believe in magic

I wish you all the best this year in 2009 and thank you for reading my blog and for the conversation during the ups and downs in 2008.


Monday’s list – stats, features and missing friends

  1. All orders are shipping out on time
  2. Milton the Fish made the Friday Finds Fish List!
  3. Very close friend leaves to build snow bridges for four to five months in Northern Manitoba on Wednesday morning so companies can get their precious oil out while the marshland ground is frozen and accessible :(
  4. Do you love me featured on Ahora que hice
  5. Censorship by Bananas and his sexier female flowered counterpart featured on Medusa de Lumbre – Thank you!
  6. Finished custom bottle and box rendering work for Liquid Sunshine new product launch
  7. My profile on Flickr just surpassed 20,000 views excluding the views on individual uploads
  8. 284 Twitterites are following me, thank you
  9. Quietly opened shop on Artfire which has currency converter built in when you are logged in to buy or sell
  10. My artwork is on five continents now – Wow!

The Little List Life Update

  1. Seriously ill last week with Acute Sinus infection.
  2. Prescribed Amoxicillin; drilling pain behind right eye has ceased.
  3. Working on a NEW exciting product
  4. Product will be introduced into my shop next week… Stay Tuned
  5. Featured on the Women of Mystery Blog
  6. Went on first date with Mike
  7. Went out on second date with Robert
  8. Massive studio expansion underway! Before and After shots will be posted
  9. In desperate need of a work table to stand at for cutting, packaging and assembling
  10. It’s my 35th Birthday on November 8th

3 Years Today and Five Ways to Make it to 4

Yes, it is that day of the year again where I can honestly say that I am sober of GHB addiction.

Five Ways to Make it to 4

  1. Don’t hang out with people who use the drug you were addicted to no matter how much you like them steer clear because a moment of weakness could strike at any time.
  2. Do something else. Pick up a pen and write or call a friend and talk out what you are feeling.
  3. Exercise. Do anything! Walking. Gardening. Swimming. Renovating. Picking berries. You don’t need to have an expensive gym membership to get in shape. It’s a big world out there folks… get outside regardless of the weather. I walk an average 15K a week and splurged on expensive sneakers instead. I rarely drive.
  4. Eat super healthy food all day long. Cut out or significantly cut down on fast food and processed foods and give your digestive track and waistline a break. I was a monstrous Pepsi addict. Yes, I consume Pepsi and drink on average two cans a day down from the 10 to 14 cans a day of two years ago.
  5. Find the love and honesty within yourself first and you will attract those qualities in others afterwards.


Change your vocation if you need to. My career choice of 10 years was making me sick. The more I worked in an office the more I wanted to use and pull my hair out. And this is not easy. I went from earning thousands every month to meager hundreds per month and lived in the most expensive city in Canada at the time.

I don’t have any words of wisdom or advice on how to quit what you are currently addicted to. I still smoke cigarettes as of today and someday will quit those to. What I do do is this; ONLY smoke outside! That choice in itself has cut my smoking in half. I never smoke inside ever! I am diligent with washing my hands and never smoke when creating art, packaging or printing. My studio is bright, south facing, smoke-free and clean. And to test whether or not your art smells of art or smoke simply ask a few non-smokers to smell it. It only takes a few moments of their time and will give you the piece of mind that when your customers buy your stuff it will smell of what it was created of and not of smoke. My art, reproductions and supplies smell of paper, ink and art supplies. Those non-smokers told me so!

Oddly enough, I am more worried about my art smelling of smoke than I am of myself being addicted to smoking. 😉

Random Weird Tagging

Elephantine tagged me! Thank you.

Missy Two shoes

Here are THE RULES:
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•Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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7 Random Weird Things

    1. I haven’t had sex in 5 weeks. Seeing as my sex buddy and I broke up.
    2. I prefer red wine to white wine. A number 2 is just fine.
    3. My bedroom doubles as a studio. Oddly enough it is much more studio than bedroom.
    4. I know how to sand and finish antique plaster walls and ceilings.
    5. I can and do grow some of my own food organically.
    6. My cat, Missy Two Shoes loves to have her hair blow dried and combed.
    7. I have lost 31 pounds in 2 years. I am now a comfortable size 6 down from a size 12 and weigh 135lbs.

I tag Range, David, Scott, Candice, Jafabrit, raincoaster and Robyn.

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Artist Tip #9 – Where to find the best art supplies – a top five list

Where to find the best art supplies – a top five list

  • 1. DickBlick – one of the largest retailers of art supplies online I am learning. I have yet to buy from them but will be soon as I can’t find what I need locally.
  • 2. Your local flea market – great for found art objects, oddities and even inspiration
  • 3. Michael’s– Yikes! I let the cat out of the bag…
  • 4. Loomis Art Store – OH HOW I MISS YOU! This is where I shopped when I lived in Vancouver.
  • 5. Trade amongst your artist friends – I did a pen trade though mail with Shane Vorhaben (Illustrator Extraordinaire!) We each mailed pens to each other we could not buy where we lived.
  • Next Week’s Tip – Why you should comment on art blogs

    Last week’s Tip

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