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What do you get when two artists collaborate?

As of this writing, Collaboration NOW has already begun. Rodrigo Pradel and I, Jessica Doyle will be mailing each other an envelope stuffed with art, of our own creation to the other, to further recreate and elaborate upon. We will be using the tools of our choosing, in each, our own respective mediums.

The end result will be X number of collaborative paintings, drawings and inkings for auction and sale online and in art spaces spread on terrestrial ground.

The Sneak Peek with magical penny for scale purposes only.

Rodrigo has not yet seen these inkings. They are new. Very new. Not yet to mailing stage new..

Following, from a total of five are three inkings. This series is titled The moral of the story:

Mother Goose is Loose (sneak peek) - Jessica Doyle - 2007

Whistling while sweeping eggs (sneak peek) - Jessica Doyle - 2007

Learning to Swim (sneak peek) - Jessica Doyle - 2007

And the other artists I’m hittin’ up are Fance of Wagonized, The Pastorof The Naked Pastor, Robert Bruce of Knife.Gun.Pen., and Candy Minx of The Gnostic Minx.

I am currently collaborating with Darren Lee of Deezone. Expect some sound and an animation short from this collaboration.

Note to Dee (zone) – the bathroom panels are on my drafting table as of this post being published. *muah*
Note to everyone – this post marks the beginning of Collaborate NOW, a new category, on JessicaDoyle.ca. Expect Updates following an asymmetrical regularity pattern for publish dates. It is the creative way.