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You are invited…

…to my home.

For a Merry Christmas open studio & art sale
Friday, December 4, 2009 – 7:00PM to 9:00PM
Saturday, December 5, 2009 – 11:00AM to 4:00PM

Hope you can make it even just to say hi to Milton the Fish!

Original artwork & illustrations, matted prints, framed art, open and limited edition prints, miniature prints, 2010 Art calendars, regular and miniature greeting card sets and handpainted art boxes will be on hand.

Oh and ho ho ho!
My address is 40 Park Avenue
Saint John, NB

There is plenty of free off street parking or if you are taking the bus my house sits directly on the East/West bus routes.

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Merry Merry!

Whilst driving home on Saturday night I hit this stillness of noise

Let me elaborate:

The roads in Saint John are not for the faint of heart. They are twisting, potted, patched and pitted with most yellow and white lines missing or faded beyond recognition. Decades of shaded grey tar and layered pavement speckle the streets, avenues and thruways of this industrial seaside city. If you are not familiar from whence you are going you will get lost or in the least damage your car during your trek.

One learns quickly and avidly takes delight in swerving into oncoming traffic so as to not hit a monstrous gaping hole in the road and becomes adept in the management of not looking ahead to far while driving which in turn circumvents everything one was taught when learning to drive as a teenager.

I can remember the driving instructor saying “Jessica, look ahead 3 telephone poles and follow at least a car length behind the vehicle in front of you for every 10KM of speed you are travelling.”


At 11:00PM on Saturday night I was driving home on the twisting winding Old Red Head road after deciding not to take the new, improved, speedy highway as the old road is vintage and just plain to damn cool to not drive upon when I hit this patch of blazing black freshly paved surface. No bumps. No more swerving. No more orange pylons marking where the road had washed out or deteriorated. I slowed right down to 20 clicks. I smiled deeply looking at the moon upwards in the sky and staring at the glittering sea to the left and with the looming gigantic science fiction inspiring Irving oil refinery in front of me… Wow! Inspiration. Juxtaposition. SILENCE.

Brain on Overload

I almost wanted to pull over and just listen to it all. It was so quiet on that road that night. As quickly as it began it was stolen again and I resumed the road war to get home along Bayside Drive. Holy shit that road is in rough shape.

On a side note:
I’m 14 days smoke free today!
I get the keys to my new house on Thursday!
I was visiting my good friends Lisa and Jillian that Saturday night!
And I’ve been gardening!

Secret #3 – Live Within Walking Distance

The community itself is beautiful; wartime houses from both WWI and WWII dot the hills here with mature maple, oak and lilac trees growing along the sidewalks. There is an influx of younger folks moving in as the older residents pass away or move into old age homes. Schools are close to. Homes are being refurbished, renovated and updated. Empty lots are fast developing into newer homes designed in character with the older existing ones. It’s lovely.
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The hopping aftermath

I ate. I walked. I talked. I looked. I was inspired.

The green chair

Saint John Arts Centre

Me on Germain Street

More reecycles

An antique lamp

There were perhaps a thousand people who partook the hop. I found myself enjoying the walk and talk of all things art with my friend Brian as much as being inside the overcrowded galleries. It was a challenge people to stand back from afar and view artwork hung on walls or that stood freestanding centrally within.

You can view all the pics from Friday night here.

Much of the shots are not of art but of buildings as truthfully there wasn’t any room to take pics inside the galleries. I love the architecture of this city anyways. I can’t wait to own my own home uptown.

I dream… and dreams do come true one step at a time.

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Gallery HOP tomorrow night!

Every season Saint John, New Brunswick has a gallery hop where you get to mingle with the artists and the public alike. I attended one here about 6 years ago before I left and moved West. I can’t wait ’til tomorrow night. Thanks Brian for the info and invite to go:). Supper and art… what can be better than that!

Here is the line up of galleries participating in the hop. Hope to see YOU there.


    4 pm-6 pm
    Millennium Artplace, Saint John Free Public Library, One Market Square.
    (506) 643-7220.
    4 pm-8 pm
    •New Brunswick Museum, One Market Square. (506) 643-2300.
    5 pm-8 pm
    •Citadel Gallery, 162 Charlotte Street. (506) 642-9004.
    5:30-7:30 pm
    •Klausen Gallery, New Location! 106 Prince William Street. (506) 693-9976.
    •Trinity Galleries, 128 Germain Street. (506) 634-1611.
    6 pm-8 pm
    •City of Saint John Gallery, 20 Hazen Avenue. (506) 649-6040.
    •Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Hazen Avenue. (506) 633-4870.
    7 pm-11 pm
    •Handworks Gallery, 12 King Street. (506) 652-9787.
    •Peter Buckland Gallery, 80 prince William Street. (506) 693-9721.
    •Tim Isaac Art and Antiques, 97 Prince William Street. (506) 652-3222.
    •Third Space Gallery, 42 Princess Street. (506) 693-5839

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The economics of happy

First, smile, then roll up your sleeves and begin painting one wall at a time.

Over the last few days I have cleaned, painted, washed, scrubbed until sparkling and sweated it out with my Dad over town in the vacant two bedroom apartment that came up for rent this month. The apartment is beneath my maternal grandmother’s flat. Above that there is another rental flat.

About 20, maybe 25 years ago my folks purchased this building in the rundown core of the city and have been restoring it back to it’s original lustre ever since. Uptown Saint John is a mix of poverty and wealth at the moment. Streets can mark the change but more often than not, today you see people taking pride in their properties as the old, dilapidated structures are being deemed not safe for habitation and torn down or revitalized and repaired if possible.

Over the years I’ve migrated back to Saint John on numerous occassions to live. This time feels different. It feels good. It is grand. The city feels prosperous. It certainly is not the same as it was 15 years ago when I first moved away.

Many call this gentrification. I tend to agree. It is happening right now.

I had only read about gentrification and hadn’t ever had the experience of being (living) a part of it. The thing is this: if you arrive in a city after the bubble’s burst the cost of living is surely extravagant to say the least.

But if you are ever presented an opportunity to be a part of a region’s growth fueling positive cultural and economic iniatives, take it. It may never materialize in your’s or your children’s lifetime again.

Friendly considerations

bedbug.jpgTwo of my friends Nadine and Dan from New Brunswick arrived in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon. They packed up their car in Freddy and had begun driving across the continent (Canada) arriving in Vancouver 15 days later. Wow! I’m so happy to have them both here staying with Eric and I until they settle in. Yes, this isn’t just a trip it’s full-on-move-to-the-big-city from small-town New Brunswick.

The issues they are facing are similar to my own when I arrived here three and a half years ago; namely, finding a place to live and applying for jobs. This is NO small feat to accomplish in Vancouver. When one goes about searching for an affordable, livable and decent rental property or apartment one is met with having to give your life story, credit and banking information and on top of that competition for the precious few places where one can actually afford to live in. Being from out of town does not make this search easier. The questions are endless. If you work at a minimum wage job here in Vancouver you make $8 an hour or $16,640 yearly. Not bad. However, a one bedroom apartment will cost you between $700 to $1100 to rent. If you can’t afford that rental price you are stuck renting a room for between $300 to $500. There is also a bed bug epidemic.
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