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Set it Free – New Illustration, Giveaway and a Free Print Your Own PDF Download

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I’ll be announcing the winner on Tuesday! xoxo

To enter this giveaway, simply tell me what you want set free
To grab the free download, navigate this way
To win the prize, be the lucky one drawn


Oh… and the prize… number 1/40 limited edition 11×14 inch print of Set It Free valued at $42. It will be numbered, titled and signed on the front and arrive with a certificate of authenticity.

You can enter as many times as you like BUT you need to tell me something else that you want set free each time that you leave a comment below. It could be your soul, for a loved one who is sick to be better or a wish for that dream you had to come true.

You can download the print your own 8.5×11 inch PDF of Set It Free as many times as you like BUT it’s only for personal use (the full copyright policy is in the download).

This giveaway closes on September 21, 2009 and is open to all residents of earth. Winner will be announced on September 22, 2009.

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Introducing the Indigo Urchin & Friends Along with an important announcement

As much as I enjoy creating pastel hued floral and beach themed art there is another side to me that loves to delve into the darker more illuminating side of reality.

Above is the Indigo Urchin, Starfish no.3, Ocean coral Fingers no.2 and the Illuminated Barnacle. They appear as they would in the dead of night floating in the sea or an aquarium.

The Important Announcement!

With new art comes a new shop. HangsaLittleLeft.etsy.com will be my new home to showcase and sell the weird, beautiful and the occasional erotic fancies that perpetuate the human mind at times. I felt it an important business decision to separate the two as many of my favorite drawings were being lost within the pretty wonderland that is JessicaDoyle.etsy.com.

And while my first love is the first shop I can’t help but be excited about sharing the many works of darker art in this new location. The Yin and Yang of myself I suppose? 😉


Pussy Willows – 7 New Drawings

I love Spring. Life in general seems easier. No more snow to shovel. It’s finally melting by the way. Trees begin to blossom and flourish giving birth to new ideas, adventures and it all just makes me happy.

Pussy Willow ACEO original art by artist Jessica Doyle

Each original Pussy Willow drawing was created with india ink, sepia hued ink and opaque white ink on various cardstock that I house in the studio.

Pussy Willow ACEO original art by artist Jessica Doyle

It’s amazing how using the same technique and colours on various papers yields a different effect and result each time.

Pussy Willows 5x7 inch original fine art by artist Jessica Doyle

Each can be found and purchased in print format and also a few of the original drawings are still available for purchase in my Art Shop. Simply do a search for “Pussy Willow” once there to bring up the both the originals and prints.

Happy Spring Everyone!


ACEO harmony by artist jessica doyle

Original Artwork Size – 3.5 by 2.5 inches / 8,8cm by 6,3cm

Date of creation – October 2008

Medium – Prismacolor lightfast Verithin colored pencils, Windsor & Newton watercolor and Pilot H-tec C pens on Arches Watercolor paper

The original is for sale here

Harmony is also available in two print sizes.

5×7 inch / 12,7cm by 17,8cm – here
ACEO mini print size – here

harmony-front-page etsy jessicadoyle

I love waking to happy things in the morning. The original artwork of Harmony made the front page of Etsy while I was sleeping.

Thank you Urbanknit for curating such a beautiful treasury that made the front page of Etsy.

Annabelle, isn’t she dreamy…

Meet Annabelle, the newest member of the Fish family.

Annabelle came into being a few days ago. She was created with Faber Castell india ink, Windsor and Newton watercolour and Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils. She is an ACEO which stands for Art, Cards, Editions and Originals. The original measures 3.5 by 2.5 inches.

Reproductive prints in larger sizes are available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

Annabelle has one older sister named Emily and four older brothers named Milton, George, Eddie and Francis.

Tree Line

Calm homage to the beauty and subtlety of autumn;
an unusual break from swirls and detail
to that of straightened lines and softened hues.

*ACEO Size – 3.5″ by 2.5″ or 89mm by 64mm
Medium – sepia india ink and lightfast coloured pencil on flower petal textured paper

The original is available here. If you are interested in a print simply let me know and I can create one for you in ACEO or 5×7 size.

*An ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. they always measure 3.5″ by 2.5″ and can be created from any medium. They are an awesome way to collect affordable art.

Baby Shower or an Elephant Taking a Bath

Can you believe I illustrated this little cutie in the year 2000 and under my married name of Bostwick? Hence, it is signed with a tiny little JB 2000 rather than a JD 2000 as I am divorced. Take a closer look at it’s right hind leg.

I recently added Baby Shower to the prints section of my shop. Reproductions are available in 8×8 inch size (20,3cm by 20,3cm) and soon in 5×5 inch (11,4cm by 11,4 cm).

The Nameless Ones (Series of three paintings)

The Nameless Ones no.1


The Nameless Ones no.2


The Nameless Ones no.3


This series began as acrylic and india ink paintings on 1/4 inch thick board. Each painting measures 6×6 inches, however the prints are 8×8 inches and appear as vibrant as they do on your screen! I enlarged them and they look fantastic! The colours are crisp and bright.


I am keeping the original paintings myself as it is not to often that I keep an original, let alone a set of originals. I usually sell it (them) or give it (them) away. Open Edition Prints are available in the shop.


Thank you! Hope you like them!