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Metamorphosis – anemone drawing

Anemone drawing by artist Jessica Doyle

When you have felt bad for so long you don’t realize how bad you actually were feeling until you feel a bit better. And when you really begin to believe that when you let go of all that bad, your heart will automatically open and be receptive to all the good.

anemone detail

I drew this mystical marine anemone with ink and coloured pencil inside a 9×9 inch Fabriano Quadrato Artist Journal.

Red Abyss – miniature illustration

013 - Red Abyss

Actual Size in Reality – 2.5 by 3.5 inches. It is a miniature.

Materials – Red and Black Micron Pen with Windsor & Newton Watercolor on Crescent Hot Press All Media Board

Artist Statement – This is number 013 of 999 ACEO’s that I have begun illustrating. I love drawing, then painting these little cards. An ACEO stands for Artist Cards, Editions or Originals. They must measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches. An ACEO is a standard trading card size not unlike a Baseball, Hockey or Magic Card. In time I’ll produce limited edition prints. For now only the Originals are available.

Red Abyss is lucky number 013.