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Absinthe 99 or playing with the green fairy that was 2004

In 2004 during an intensive year of college in British Columbia we were asked to illustrate a poster in an older illustrative style with hand drawn letters. Absinthe 99 is the result of that assignment.

That year of college was one of the most brutal and rewarding times of my life. I had applied and was later accepted into an advanced multi media program at Langara College. I took 21 courses in one 12 month period including advanced typography, history of design and colour theory. By the end of that year I was addicted to GHB (sedatives). Add to that, my boyfriend was manic, and suffering through immense panic attacks and depressive episodes and unable to work, let alone feed himself until later that same year… it was all I could do to cope with the situation I found myself in. If anything, the strict regimen of college that year heightened and brought to the surface my inward disorder with the world around me. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and a few underlying learning disabilities.

I believe all those people who succumb to addiction have their reasons and people it really does not happen overnight. It begins innocently enough when one can’t get out of a predicament and that predicament then folds in on itself evolving into a monster! And truth be told I’ve never drank absinthe… someday maybe… I also hold the belief that once an addict you are not always going to be an addict. I do believe to get better you must live a more holistic lifestyle. And for some, that does mean remaining sober indefinitely. Addiction is simply a way of showing us there is a problem that needs to be dealt with or you will die.

Maybe, it’s the reading of 2012 by Daniel Pinchbeck that is reawakening those memories and you know what? I’m glad because now they seem fresh and perhaps today I can make sense of them as my mind is clear, and life is good. For too long I discounted those experiences as trivial and felt bad that I had traveled into the depths of my soul using substances (other than sedatives) to enlighten and open up channels that did exist in reality when I was a child. And I sometimes think, that Attention Deficit Disorder is a result of those perceptions being systematically taught out of us by society.

This year, as I settle into my home I’m finding memories are surfacing of those years; many good and some pretty awful ones to. I’m simply accepting them for what they are and digging out the artwork that was created during that time, for in it holds the key to moving on, letting go and growing once more.

I created 11 by 14 inch prints of this illustration and they are available on HangsaLittleLeft… my darker art shop… muahahahahaha!

halfing like atoms and writing styles searches turns into constructive possibilities to increase legibility for kids and what they are teaching at one university

…every time a baby is born it knows everything it needs to know in half the time of those, who birth him. Every subsequent baby born thereafter will follow in the same respect. Then the need to learn will evolve into the need…

we are atoms. The earth is the largest of its kind. It pushes outwards birthing atoms that recycle; forming larger bonds with other atoms. Until a shape is formed they maintain a cylindrical outline. They push together doubling. One invisible and one visible. They can be seen but are still transparent. Are these two atoms representing the two sexes. Two sexes can become one. Asexual. They reproduce as they die. They are just pushing together creating another advancement in human physical form. It would eliminate sex in our terms of understanding sex (2006). Sex is something you choose to do. But it is more about what you…
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Saying Thank You to Chaos & Form


During the past couple of months I have learned more about the back end of the internet than I ever did while enrolled in the Electronic Media Design Program at Langara College. That is not to say I didn’t learn anything; all education is invaluable. The year I spent there was full of curriculum and instructor changes, and we, the students felt the brunt of this shift in ideal from that of a creative mandate to a more commercial laden curricula by third semester. Most of the time what you learn doesn’t get put to practice until after the education.

We, as human beings have learned through years of being plagued by the media to complain. We have not however mastered the art of saying thank you as we tend to remember only the negative over the positive experience. How could one say thank you when all around you is negative? Simply put, you change and adapt to a new environment of your own choosing. It will save your life. I write again It will, save your life.

It’s hard to imagine that becoming an addict could save your life. For me looking back at that time it did. I’m not saying become an addict it will solve your problems, that just happened to be what I chose to do.

How angry I became the other night while checking my site stats and clicking on the links that you, the reader click out on. One of them happen to be The Electronic Media Design Program. I clicked it. I was not ready for what I read on the curriculum and instructor pages. I wanted to write a nasty email to than saying “How could you? Be wary of past EMD students coming back to haunt you”. This was Saturday Night. I did not write the letter. I harbor some negative energy towards the director still who didn’t know my name while there for the year 2004 (there are only three classes of 16 students maximum and many only had five or six students within them in total giving the program 40 students at any given time).

This is not a slander post towards an institution of higher learning. It is my remembrance of a time when my classmates and I endured some fowl, non negotiable curriculum changes. Will I approach them and ask why? Yes, I believe I will. Enough time has passed and my anger and resentment are cooling. I chose to save my life again, by becoming sober. I’m going to respond rather than react to this new information I found. The new students entering the program look like they will be getting a great curriculum and that in itself makes me happy. They will not endure the upheaval we did.

While immersed in the EMD program the following instructors made an impact on my studies (using their first names only) Heidi, Don, James, Ivana, Mac, Denise and Haigue. Your encouragement and thoughtful comments/criticisms helped me grow into who I am today. I will remember you. Thank you. And thank you to my classmates who never gave up when faced with a lie.

Perhaps that is why we the students aptly named our graduation Chaos & Form. I rendered the text grid for the poster. It can be seen at the top of this post. Click it!