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Divergent illuminating things you should read and watch.

Womyn by Dale Mugford on Matthew Good This poignant article Dale wrote is a must read for both men and women. In it he writes of having a heated conversation about womyn with a cab driver, while on his way to his physical therapy appointment. Later he points you to statistics from Canada and the World on womyn who have or are in abusive relationships of some kind.

Howard Bloom Video; also, John Mackey’s New Paradigm for Business by Jecklin on Got a shot of inner fuel.

Banned Boobies by Cass King on Womyns’Ware

Word travels fast on the internet as it is timeless. Image and word are just that; a way to express yourself by communicating your thoughts, perceptions, ideas and foremost; your own personal experience while living on this planet.

When I write online I forget that I sit alone in front of a computer screen, tapping keys interacting with a digital organism; a non-human that will in turn, become part of your life experience. Isn’t it grand to have the power to choose, to click away or purposely ad your views. Through doing this, we all empower ourselves with knowledge.

All you are reading are words formed using pixels; a choice of personal reflection upon a time that happened once upon a time.

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Pole Dancing Sexy Cousin

My cousin Chritine Boyer from Aradia Fitness - Got love our irish heritage

Check out Aradia Fitness. Aradia is fast becoming a leader in fitness training across Canada with locations in most major cities. What began as an idea with a pole in the centre of a living room in Kits has blossomed into something wonderful. My cousin Christine Boyer and her long time friend and business partner Tracy Gray own and operate Aradia. Aradia will be opening soon a location in Washington, USA. Look out for North American domination as these two women teach other women to empower themselves both physically and emotionally. I love and am proud of you Christine! xo

Go and Meet Your Sexy side!