Confusion leads to unorganized thought. These thoughts lead to numbness – that feeling you get when you have so many ideas popping into your head, literally at the same time causing such a ruckus you are unable to start, let alone complete one of those ideas. One could call this a panic or anxiety attack. Or one could call this a means to an end simply the way my day happened to start. This confusion is a run-on sentence of words. You open your eyes and they taking visual stimlui adding to the run-on-sentence.

Now the run-on-sentence has images to go with it. How about sound? And the feeling of being cold. LOL! Gobbleygook would be a good way to describe this condition with a word. Even now my brain wants to go all over the place!

WordPress. Freegan. Cat. Missy. Me. Rain. Storm. Computer. Type type type. Words. Too many. Puff puff on a cigarette. Pepsi. Walk around the apartment. Can I learn code? Themes. God. Art. Creation leads to emotion leads to stimulation. Exhaustion without even doing anything physical. Building. Condos. Across the alley. Sirens. Noise. Cat snores and purrs. Not to mention money. What about money? Why. Must. Should. I hate the word “Should”. Sit and contemplate. But do not abbreviate from the directness of this post. Are you confused. I’m confused. If you are still reading. I’m surprised. Guise. Does getting it out make it better? Sometimes. How to get “it” out. Write. Configuration. Code. Colour. Theorize. Conceptualize. Flies. Brother. House. Bought. Gift. Birthday. 30. I’m 32. Age. Irrelevant.

There. There are so many things that interest me. There are so many things that make me up. There are so many things that i want to do. Even this blogging thing has rules. Why are rules so hard to follow? Stay inside the lines when you are colouring teachers would say. Then others say,

“You need to know the rules before you can break them”.

That sentence is a rule in itself. There are rules everywhere. The W3 rules. The design rules. The coding rules, driving rules, social rules, money rules. Plan your rules. I have a planner and it’s closed today. Maybe my head just needs a break today.

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One thought on “Words”

  1. Hi Jessica. Feeling scattered?

    I had right the profound thing written down here but then I deleted it.

    May you be happy and healthy.


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