Snow – Vancouver – March?

Having lived in Vancouver for three years now, there has, on rare occasion, been white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. Mainly in January though! But, being from New Brunswick and having endured/enjoyed almost 30 some years of six month long winters seeing snow today/tonight was/is beautiful.

The city is calmer. Noise is reduced as snow acts as an insulator. And, living one block off of a main thorough fare in east Van; getting a break from the incessant traffic noise is welcome. Having another form of precipitation other than rain, drizzle, fog, mist or showers during the winter here is a nice change. The snow brightens everything up. The clouds are orange and purple hued reflections of city lights rather than grey, dark grey or black. This forces most folks here to stay home (lack of snow tires and skill to drive in 5cm of snow – haha). Good day to take off of work or to stay home from school.

Snow in Vancouver in March

On the flip side my boyfriend Eric’s irises, tulips, hyacinth’s and croci had popped up a little over a month ago during a warm spell and are now rather confused as to what to do. Yesterday it was warmer in New Brunswick than here. It more than likely has to do with global warming. Hooray! Global warming takes the blame again. Maybe it was all the Atlantic hurricanes this past season that Hrhum… were caused by GLOBAL WARMING. The phrase “Global warming” does not sound threatening enough. Perhaps a more catastrophically inhumane phrase such as “GLOBAL DEATH” would get the idea across to all of us. “Global Warming” just sounds so warm and fuzzy to a Canadian.

Why wouldn’t we want warmer weather up here north of the equator?

Hence, the Canadian Migration to Vancouver.

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