Going out the door

I went out the door and have since, come back from acupuncture.

On my way home an old disheveled man sitting under an overpass going into Chinatown said as I smiled with him walking by,

“There is no beginning and there is no end.”
“God is inside of me, and outside there.” he frantically waved his hands around himself.
“He’s everywhere”

I stopped. I listened. I said “I agree with you. He is in me and he’s in there” as I stomped on the ground with my right foot. He laughed and said “true”. I began to walk away smiling. A genuine smile. The man yelled “thank you, I love you!” I smiled saying thank you and walked on.

How come when I’m at my lowest, there is always an angel who understands. Of all the people I passed and looked at, this one person, I genuinely smiled with rather than, at.

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