Enigmatic artists

There is something enigmatic about the human mind in it’s lust and thirst for understanding. We often become lost and bewildered along the way rather than enjoying the journey itself. The journey, really, is, all that matters, and what is matter but empty space. In that empty space are ideas.

I made a comment today to my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy instructor that “I feel as though the technology as finally caught up with my mind.” The things I’m doing today are the things I’ve been dreaming about since childhood. Yet, today, right now there are things I dream of doing tomorrow that only tomorrow’s technology could accomplish. Marshall McLuhan wrote about technology being an extension of mans senses.

I read an article in the Vancouver Courier last night, well two or three. One entitled Housing boom puts the squeeze on Artist’s and the other Coffe house patrons get wired without caffeine both got me thinking.

After a four hour nap, a little longer than expected, I’m back writing. I’ve often considered why I live in Vancouver. And reading about how rents are inevitably going to go up and up perhaps stressed me a little. I’ve always lived by the seat of my pants believing, hoping and having faith. I believe that to be true for many artist’s and non-artists. There have been times during my life where I have had the stable job, went to work five days of the week and received the same pay cheque every two weeks. The only stability it created for me was that of cash. In no other way was my life stable, emotionally, creatively nor spiritually.

At this moment I feel as though in purgatory. The grey matter full of ideas came in such a wave earlier that I could not process them fast enough. OK.

One man commented in the coffee article “he can’t even think properly without it being there… it’s an extension of knowledge… go on google and search something” I, Jessica Doyle agree with this. Now whether coffee shops should be internet/laptop friendly that is another topic. But on topic would be how this technology pertains to artists.

Right now artists are grabbing a hold of the internet like never before. We wanted it. Sci Fi writers wrote about it and painters and illustrators drew it. Then Scientists invented it or lets say programmers invented a language to convey it in this existing reality. Now today WE can live virtually anywhere in the world! And I mean the use of the word virtually figuratively and also literally.

So will artists stay and live in Vancouver when the supposed rents will be $5000 a month for a house? Who knows? But they’ll always be remembered for what they left behind for the future to make sense of. There are a lot of condos going up in this city. Buildings go up and buildings come down just as “Food goes in, food comes out” to quote Eric, my boyfriend. Empires are won and lost.

We are only peeling the skin off the apple right now people. The technology being presented today is already out of date. What we put into the internet will get recycled over and over and over again. What comes out at the other end? Maybe, a seed.

Tomorrow is our permanent address.” Marshall McLuhan

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