Kingdom of emotional temper tantrums

Over the past couple of days has been enduring some changes, perhaps not visable to you the serf but boy they were visable to me.

Between communicating with my host Web Strike Solutions and King Dee, Princess Jessica got her head into a tiffy and threw such a hissy, it only befits recording it poetically.

On the eve of April 26th in the year 2006
this site
to exist…

Tranfers of databases, support emails back and forth
in between instant messages filled with PHP code
“the move did not occur properly” and
“all is lost” but “don’t worry”
did Princess Jessica find herself holding back tears
fighting hard to keep her mirror.

She went for a walk to the 7-eleven,
back with Pepsi and cigarettes in hand.
Unable to contain
emotion welled up inside her
she promtly walked outside onto the balcony, snotty nosed and angry
threw herself at the punching bag hanging dreary.
Little did she know she had met her match
for the punching bag swung back with a great big WHACK
knocking her down to the wet rainsoaked deck.
Furiously she rose up to the attack
this five foot montrosity how dare it fight back
with her five foot four inch fame…
feveriously hitting it
punching it she won the game!

The rage subsided. She gathered herself and went inside.

However, the King, who heralded all assured
Princess Jessica’s reign, would fair well afterall.

Who could have known that a website being down could trigger such a volcano.

Now after two days of ups and downs and prancing around
Princess Jessica is calming herself down.
She knows she cannot control everything
nor can she understand it all.
She is sorry to King Dee
whom she hopes will not vanquish her
from thy Kingdom of Kinship.

As for the brutal rage…
Princess Jessica is fine and happy.
20 years of opressed swallowed frustration and anger
just happen to blow anxiously.

Hear Ye Hear Ye
The proclamation is…
Emotion Creator lives on
Soon Gallery2 will adorn!
WordPress thereafter shall not be forlorn

Cheers to all
and if you fall
rise up
stand tall
It only hurts for a little while.

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