Painting competition questions, answers & clicking submit.

Last night nearly at the stroke of midnight I clicked submit on after completing the hour long online submission form to their annual Painting Competition. The RBC Painting Competition is the largest of it’s kind for emerging artists living in [tag]Canada[/tag]. They have a total prize payout of $55 000 Canadian; $25 000 first prize and two honorable mentions of $15 000 a piece. Between June 14 and 16 they will be calling anyone with whom they are considering for the 15 finalists.

I’d love to be able to show you the paintings I submitted, however due to the competition guidelines the paintings entered may not be published anywhere else.

There were three key questions each artist had to answer. There was no mention of the answers to those questions being published in their guidelines.

  1. Describe in 10 sentences or less what motivated you to create this body of work?
  2. Describe in five sentences or less what is engaging about your pieces?
  3. In five sentences or less, provide us with any additional information you feel is important

The following are my answers to the above questions:

  1. As human beings we search connections, look for validation and adhere to ideas. Every now and then, a new idea emerges from the masses taunting older symbols engrained within the societal norm. This new idea softly floats about connecting itself to others through the senses. Once spoken, written, drawn, painted, acted or cooked and idea is not but a dream any longer; it is reality. And your reality is whatever you choose it to be.
  2. Whether the paintings engage and hold the attention of the beholder is the choice the beholder answers herself. “Hopper number 11 – ideas”, “In search of”, and “Relationship” explore the notion of ideas; how ideas enter us, shroud us and sometimes overwhelm us. I hope the eye of the beholder sees choice.
  3. I am exhausted of hiding who I am from mine own self. These three paintings are but one small part of a much larger body of work I created during the past three years. However, they respresent well my journey into addiction, being that of an addict and thus the journey beyond to where I am now; sober and asking lots of questions.

Perahps what I am most pleased with is that I entered. Whether I win or not is in the long run not important. I clicked submit. What happened however before I clicked submit is another story that maybe someday will be painted after I answer some more questions.

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