Cans Spinach Baby

PopyePopeye the Sailorman sqeezed [tag]spinach[/tag] out of cans into his mouth swallowing the green processed goo. He had a Girlfriend named Olive Oyle and together they had a baby named Sweat Pea. Much of Popeye is Public Domain now.

It is rather odd that yesterday the words cans, spinach and baby could describe my day. Theses three words bring back fond memories of watching Robin Williams acting as Popeye and Shelly Duvall respectively as Olive Oyle in the 1980 Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Production of Popeye. 26 years ago – Whoah. I watched it on TV so I must have seen it closer to 1986.

My friend Tomoko drove in from Port Kells to help me bring back four jumbo sized garbage bags of recyclables to the local redemption centre. Ninety percent of the content within these bags were cans of none other than my favourite soda pop, Pepsi. To make things worse the number of [tag]Pepsi[/tag] cans totaled 666. I am taking this as an omen to cut the Pepsi from my diet for good. All this addiction has done for me is add 30lbs to my body in three monthes. All in all I recieved $42.85 total by taking the cans and bottles back – not too bad.

Spinach is good for you. As a child I believe I actually liked cooked spinach however to due fussiness or influence of popular culture I pretended I didn’t like it. Out on the deck Eric and I have planted spinach this year – we both love it cooked or uncooked and it’s grows like a weed even in a plastic container. Tomoko had also planted spinach in her garden. I had leftover from my planting and gave it to her.

We drove out to her house from East Vancouver and began working in her garden planting spinach and separating potted plants she had bought to put in the ground. How fun it is to get your hands and feet dirty! And what a treat to be outside of the city in the sun listening to nothing but tweeting birds, mooing cows and her dog barking at the goats, planting spinach.

What makes a [tag]baby[/tag] but sperm and an ovum. Tomoko is seven weeks [tag]pregnant[/tag]. I was like wow! I was wondering on the drive out why she was asking if I still plan not to take drugs and her telling me she had cut down on how much she smoked to only a few puffs a day. It didn’t kick in until she told me about the pregnancy.

This makes number two for new pregnancies in my circle. Just last week on Mothers Day Eric’s brother announced that his girlfriend is one month pregnant. I’m gonna be an auntie.

So this leaves me with a thought; can I concieve?

To be honest I do not know. At age 23 in 1996 I was diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and subsequently hospitalized for four days recieving heavy doses of antibiotics intraveniously. It had effected my left ovary and falopian tube. I was off work for three weeks. That same year my gut problems which had been diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome a few years earlier suddenly took on new meaning. Pain, diahrea, yeast infections and excema were a constant.

One year later on Septemeber 5 the same day Lady Dianna was being laid to rest my appendix ruptured as I was watching live reports about her in a hotel room, in Halifax to attend a Trade Show with my mother and aunt. I was rushed to hospital. 12 hours later I was operated on. I had had Acute Gangrenous Appendicitis – bleck! I had been walking around living my daily life with a rotting painful gut and it just happened to explode in provioce from whence I lived. Three weeks, two cities later I was in Fredericton Regional Hospital as code blue directly behind a heart attck victom to be seen in the emmergency room. I spent the next three and half weeks in hospital on [tag]TPN[/tag] having a second surgery to remove 11″ of Ileum which Crohn’s Disease had ravaged. [tag]Crohn’s[/tag] had also attacked my right ovary and falopian tube.

With both my left and right sides of my reproductive organs being attacked by two different deseases, doctors are unsure whether I can conceive. They have all told me, to not worry until I actually begin trying to have children and thus cannot conceive. At age 32 and female I feel this invisable weight sneaking up on me. I have been in remission of Crohn’s for nine years now. That simple fact makes me happy.

One has to actually have sex to conceive; Eric and I are kind-of-well-not-lately, with all the craziness that has happened over the past 10 monthes, that fact is ok too. I have faith that if we are to have children it will happen naturally when it happens. Many of the women in my family have had children well into their forties.

So yah! I’m Popeye the sailorman! I Yam what I Yam… and a lot of what I Yam, is in the public domaaaaain!

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  1. It has been so long since I have seen you that seeing your pics made me smile and tear up.
    I love what you are doing and am having a great time travelling around your site.
    east sj.

  2. Hi Karen… awah thanks sweetie. I miss you. Feel free to come visit anytime. I won’t be East until next year most likely :(

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