Going out the door…

If I go out the door will it make me feel better, make me feel something else? Anything? There is this patch in my brain called limbo. In limbo everything is churning. Ideas are dreamt there, memories and thoughts come to light there, in limbo. This is not where I want to be. I think of the phrase “Just do it” that Nike owns the rights to. However I’m not doing it. Why?

I want to write about all that is wrong. I want to scream. I want out.

What am I waiting for? A few things actually.

I applied to become a member of 9rules. The waiting has been a little harder than I thought. I have refreshed their blog page like 300 hundred times in hopes of seeing the round four submissions AKA the 700 club posted. I want to belong to their community. I hope to belong to their community. As human beings we need to belong. Without belonging we are alone. Why are you waiting for this network and not going ahead and applying to other blog netwroks? It’s simple – their community is about sharing, learning and above all else, improving oneself.

You get to a point where you need interaction with others to continue on. Being a part of a network would help me to focus. It would give me focus. It would motivate me. I love to create and knowing I would have a whole community to share my creations with would just be wonderful and in turn I would share in their ideas and creations.

In life we have to keep moving in both spirit and body.

And how funny that I just checked 9rules again and someone commented on taking up an outdoor activity for a bit to relieve some stress.

I’m off for my walk now. I’m thinking about joining The Fat CTO. I have put on 30lbs in four monthes. Ok… walk walk walk. My camera is coming along with me. I will upload the pictorial journey when I get back.

Oh… the second thing I’m waiting for is June 12-16 when the RBC will calling potential finalists for the painting competition they are having. Here in some more info on the competition.

And finally the last item I’m waiting for would be the date my Valium taper is fini! It comes to an end on June 12th. YAY! The effects of withdrawing from it however could be causing me to feel a little more anxious than usual đŸ˜‰ But then again it could be PMS. Oh to be a woman waiting. This woman in waiting is now going walking as soon as I hit publish!


The pics have been uploaded from my walking trip and can be seen here.

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2 thoughts on “Going out the door…”

  1. Jessica, that was GREAT!
    I love the pictorial you shared! That’s a good idea!
    I might have to do that one day. *hehe*
    Good Job on walking… keep at it! You can do it!
    Oh and hey, thanks for adding me to your list of blog links. I’m adding you too because of course, I’d love to come read you more often.

    Oh and about 9rules. Yeah… I’d like to join too but I was rejected once. I was scared to get rejected twice. Maybe I’ll try the next round. Maybe they didn’t approve me because my blog doesn’t have a purpose? It’s just a blog about a crazy military wife! haha

  2. Thanks for adding me to your links Bonita :) Yeah the walking was good. I’d love to see where you walk. It’s kind of an eye into another person’s life and what caught their attention while walking.

    Oh – the rejection. Definately try again next time. I’m hoping to get into 9rules. If I don’t make it in, well “it wasn’t meant to be” like my mom would say. I’ll have to choose another path to walk onto and see where it leads me. I’ll be sad for bit but like all emotion it will change. And I’ll still visit 9rules ’cause I like what they are all about.

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