Week 1 Weigh in – Jessica

This is very new to me, that is the having to lose weight. My weight tended to fluctuate between 115 and 130lbs for the most part, during the whole decade of my twenties. However when I reached age 30 my weight range averaged between 125 to 145lbs. Now at age 32 my weight as of my last doctors appointment was 160lbs. OMG!

Thanks to Colin for providing a community to share our journey in! Good Luck to everyone on the DIET!

A little background on this matter would probably help as to the why? I currently take Paxil and Seroquel for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, depression and PTSD. I began taking those drugs in September of 2005. My lifestyle has evolved rapidly over the past nine or so monthes. For me to pass blame on two drugs that saved my life would be wrong. It’s the lack of physical activity and my eating habits that are to blame. The drugs may have changed my psychi, and in turn the way my body reacts to and metabolizes food, however as my doctor said “You are 32. Your body doesn’t work the same way it used to.”

Week 1 - Weigh in - 160lbs - Jessica DoyleI have created a category called DIET to which I will post weekly to on Tuesdays.

Week 1 – Stats – Jessica – pic to the right 😉

  • Weight – 160lbs
  • Height – 5’5″
  • Bust – 39″
  • Waist – 33.5″
  • Hips – 42.5″

BMI – 26.6 considered overweight

My goal is to be 130lbs and here is how I plan to do it :)

  • Gardening
  • Hula Hooping
  • Walking
  • Reducing Pepsi intake
  • Healthy Eating
  • Going to Wreck Beach – it’s almost 400 stairs down and then 400 stairs up!
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12 thoughts on “Week 1 Weigh in – Jessica”

  1. It really is great to see other women participating in this diet. Losing weight is never easy and I wish I had listened when my mom said it would be harder in my 30’s! she was so right. I feel ya on the pepsi consumption, I just today gave up my coke habit cold turkey and I’m pretty much on verge of tears because I want one sooo bad. Must.be.strong. lol

    good luck, darling!

  2. Hi everyone

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I went out today away from the computer for a bit and did lots of walking. I’ve had five pepsi today. I have to keep reminding myself that I normally consume 12 cans, so 5 is ok for my first day.

    For once I actaully don’t know what to write except that of thank you. Oh and yes being over 30, drinking soda and taking an SSRI – whoah – we all be crazy. I decided not to cut the Pepsi cold turkey because of the headaches and withdrawal from it. I’m already tapering on Valium and want that to go smoothly.

    I’ve never taken Zoloft Victoria but have read about it.

    How many cans of Coke were you at laurie? It may be better to taper. I know the tears.

    Yay and it is a blast already Mike – Glad you joined in too!

    And Bonita Thank you 😉

  3. Garden update hopefully later today if the rain lets up long enough for me to snap some pics.

    Chester the only Pepsi support groups I’ve found online are PRO-PEPSI. They are pro-pepsi pushers. But I must say they love what they drink!

    Sir Pepsi for instance 😉 is one of my favs.

  4. I agree that there should be support groups for people wanting to cut down on their Pepsi (or soda of choice) intake. That stuff is dangerous.

  5. Chiquita,

    Good luck, I know you can do it. I’m up over 200 again and I know the Paxil is partially to blame but I was down to 170 when I was out there (albeit not under the healthiest living conditions) but the inactivity has really got me. I’m gonna try the life brand slimfast. Let’s see if we can lose it. Even if we don’t I’d rather be better mentally balanced and plump than loopy and thin and I’m sure you will agree with me on that one.

    Love B

  6. It’s funny how getting healthy can mean putting on weight. It’s good to hear from you Brenchy!!! And yes being mentally balanced and a little plump is better than where I was before. I’m glad you are doing good too. I’ve actually got Ensure… I took it during my detox and also when I was sick with Chron’s. It’s actually like it LOL

    And man I have to LAUGH about what are living conditions were….


    Luv u too B


  7. Hopy you attain your goals, I know that it is tough. I used to weigh 194 lbs for 6′. I’m down to 180 lbs now, but since I have a thin build, I could probably go down a bit more.

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